Rare dog abandoned by owners goes bald… and is now covered in wrinkles

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A rare dog abandoned by its cruel owner lost all its hair – leaving it covered in thick bald wrinkles.

Pearl, a 10-month-old shar pei dog, was found completely hairless by a member of the public.

The breed are famous for having thick wrinkles – but Pearl’s were left pink and exposed by the fur loss.

Bald dog Pearl recovers at the RSCPA's Coventry , Nuneaton and district branch and is cared for by Lizzie Aston

Bald dog Pearl recovers at the RSCPA’s Coventry , Nuneaton and district branch and is cared for by Lizzie Aston

Her carers say she has been compared to a walnut, a walking brain – and even the Emperor from Star Wars.

Pearl was found in Bulkington Recreation Ground in Nuneaton, West Mids., on October 13.

RSPCA investigators have been trying to track down Pearl’s owners, who allowed the animal to develop demodectic mange – which causes baldness in dogs.

Glenn Mayroll, animal centre manager, said: “Pearl is doing well and has now begun treatment for the demodectic mange.

“Her treatment involves various dips and baths, which she doesn’t seem to mind.

“We think she is just around 10 months old. Pearl is a gorgeous and happy friendly girl and really affectionate and fussy.

“It breaks our heart to think someone has left her to suffer and then just dumped her without a care.”

Shar pei dogs are expensive show pets that originate from China. As puppies they are covered in loose wrinkles, which spread and tighten as they get older.

Pearl is now being cared for by staff at the RSPCA Coventry, Nuneaton and District Branch.

Her treatment involves being dipped in antibacterial solutions, three baths a day and being treated with concoction of skin creams.

Louise Labram, an RSPCA inspector, said: “This poor dog was suffering from demodectic mange and had clearly been left untreated for weeks.

“This could have been treated and sorted had the owner just taken her to a vet.

“But instead whoever owned this dog has just abandoned her and left someone else to pick up the pieces.”

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