Rapist who photographed his victim in her underwear and SHARED the pictures is jailed for 12 years

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Fabian Henry raped a young woman then shared pictures of her in underwear

Fabian Henry raped a young woman then shared pictures of her in underwear

A sick rapist who photographed his teenage victim as he abused her then posted the images online to humiliate and silence her was jailed for 12 years today.

Twisted Fabian Henry, 30, groomed the vulnerable 17 year-old via Blackberry messenger and raped her twice when their relationship turned sour.

He took degrading pictures of her naked body and in her underwear and distributed them via social media in a bid to silence her.

The photos were even seen by one of the girl’s relatives but the teenager bravely ignored Henry’s threats and went to police.

Henry, a father-of-three from Barnet, London, denied two charges of raping the girl at his cousin’s flat in Bristol in July last year.

But he was convicted by a jury at Bristol Crown Court and sentenced to seven years for the rapes.

He was given a further five years for abducting and sexually attacking another 15-year-old girl in December last year.

Henry – described by police as a predator who thought he was above the law – showed no emotion as he was jailed.

Referring to the rape victim, Judge Michael Longman told him: “You met her through Blackberry messenger.

“It’s clear she liked you enough to see you and the relationship turned sour.

“When that happened and you were unable to secure your compliance you took her to your cousin’s house address and there you raped her twice.

“You also took photographs of her. It was an act of further humiliation and control and it was no doubt degrading for her – and intended to be.

“You used that in effect to secure her silence.

“The fact that they were disseminated was a cruel act and was intended to further humiliate and degrade her further.”

The judge added: “You demonstrated not a shred of remorse.”

Henry, a painter and decorator, was convicted in June of abducting and sexual activity with the 15 year-old but sentencing was delayed until the rape trial was complete.

The court heard that young victim was a talented and intelligent youngster who went off the rails before falling under Henry’s influence.

He urged her to lie to social services about being abused at home and encouraged her to run away with him to London where he had sex with her.

Detective Constable Paul Melton of Avon and Somerset police said: “It is clear this man is a predator who considered himself above the law.

“As he begins his sentence he must now realise that justice has caught up with him.”

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