Randy man banned from having sex in public

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A 34-year-old man has become the first in Britain to be slapped with an ASBO banning him from having sex – in PUBLIC.

Randy Steven Potts has been caught numerous times committing brazen sexual acts with various women.

He has been spotted having sex on the streets, on church steps, in a town centre, in public toilets and at a bus station.

His seedy sexual antics have been witnessed by stunned members of the public and he has been arrested dozens of times.

Potts, of Plymouth, Devon, has now become the first person to be given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order banning him from committing lewd acts in public.

The landmark order was imposed at Plymouth Magistrates Court after an application by the city council.

Dylan Sadler, prosecuting, said: ”Drinking is at the root of his anti-social behaviour. His whole life is one of anti-social behaviour and drinking.”

The court heard Potts, who is living in sheltered accommodation, has several convictions for outraging public decency.

In December last year he was jailed for 18 weeks for taking part in a sex act on the steps of a Baptist church.

On May 22 he was caught having sex with a another woman at a bus station and when challenged by a cleaner he threatened to ”kick the man’s head in”.

Last month Donna Gray, 33, was given a two year community order after she was caught committing a sex act on him in public.

He exposed himself and Gray performed a lewd act which was witnessed by two people in a hairdresser’s opposite.

An interim order was put down after the court ruled the public ”needed protection” from Potts’ regular sex shows.

Officials say if breaches the order he could be jailed for five years.

He was described in court as a ”prolific beggar, a street drinker and a drug abuser” who is often drunk on cider when he is caught having sex.

Potts, now staying at the Salvation Army hostel, has 37 convictions for 90 offences since 1991.

Adrian Hall, for Potts, did not dispute the interim order in principle but said that the full application would be contested.

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