Put your eggs in one basket: Managing your security systems

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A common issue for all kinds of businesses across a variety of industries is security. Whether you’re trying to keep all of the documents on your computer safe or you’re just trying to install some form of 24-hour monitoring, it’s one of the burning issues on the lips of any business owner or management team.

Hundreds, if not thousands, are spent each year in businesses of all sizes developing the company into a driving force in the industry, and as a result opportunist thieves – both on and offline – are determined to find a way of accessing what you’ve invested your hard-earned money in and businesses quite simply HAVE to be in a position to prevent this.

Security is one of the most important issues for many businesses

Security is one of the most important issues for many businesses

Try and imagine physical security. When you walk into a shopping centre there is often a number of security guards randomly placed around the building when, in actual fact, they could be more effective when grouped together in a smaller number of areas. The same is true with your business security; you need some kind of situational awareness in place to help you deal with whatever goes wrong effectively and efficiently.

New gadgets and technologies that have been developed and released onto the market in recent years have enabled us to completely revamp both on and offline security, helping to protect all that is dear to our precious companies.

Human error is just as likely to cause damage to systems as burglaries, hackers and cyber criminals and software such as the aforementioned situation management software can help us to reduce the risk of this occurring, as well as improving the response of your company to any risks. For instance, if you have multiple buildings on the same site, and an alarm goes off in one, you can get your system to apply the most appropriate response to not just reduce the security risk, but to deal with it.

This means that you can invest your budget into the system itself, helping to train your current security staff in the process so that they make the most appropriate response according to the security risk, and you don’t need to worry about the cost of employing extra security so you can look after the best interests of your company without breaking the bank or compromising on security.

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