A purr-fect match: Britain’s biggest cat finds new home… with UK’s strongest man

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Britain’s biggest cat could finally be rehomed – with Britain’s strongest man.

Black and white Judas, who is double the weight of a normal cat, has struggled to find a new home because he is so tall.

An animal rescue charity feared the huge 19 inch tall black and white cat scared potential owners because of his size.

Judas (right), Britain's biggest cat

Judas (right), Britain’s biggest cat

But now the massive moggy has found the perfect owner in 30 stone Terry Hollands – crowned Britain’s strongest man of 2007.

Terry has offered to put a roof over Judas’ head after the feline was left at Happy Endings rescue centre in Ospringe, Kent, ten months ago.

The 6ft 6in strong man took to twitter to tell his 11,000 followers he wanted Judas – with many of them replying it would be the perfect match – a big cat for a big man.

Cattery manager Heather Jordan said: “We could end up with our biggest cat going to Britain’s strongest man.

“Judas is very special. We have had more than 100 phone calls from people who want to rehome him.

Terry Hollands during the World's Strongest man competition in 2012

Terry Hollands during the World’s Strongest man competition in 2012

“We have had calls from everywhere. There has been a massive response to Judas. He is certainly not a lap cat – unless you have a very large lap!

“It is fantastic news. Every cat seems to get a home and Judas doesn’t. But the article seems to have reached out to the right people and it is really good for him.

“I do not think he would have got a home if it hadn’t been for that. It will be awful to see him go but he is a real gentle giant and we all love him.”

Judas the black and white feline tips the scales at a staggering 20 pounds – which is more than double the average weight.

He is 19 inches tall – eight inches taller than the average domestic cat.

The world’s tallest cat measured 19 inches from paw to shoulder.

Trouble, who hailed from Sacramento, California, died earlier this year, but was recognised by the 2013 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest cat in the world.

He weighed 20 pounds – the same as Judas.

Terry is one of 100 potential pet owners who have now expressed an interest in rehoming Judas.

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