Pupils from Bristol Steiner School go for gold at their summer Olympics

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Pupils from Bristol Steiner School have gone for gold at the annual Steiner Olympic Games.

All 15 students from Class 5 represented Bristol as they competed against their peers in one of the biggest activities in the Steiner calendar.

The unique event — which is designed to promote personal growth, social values and a deeper understanding of ancient culture — saw youngsters from 20 Steiner schools go head-to-head in a variety of traditional track and field disciplines.

The Steiner Olympics at the Bristol Steiner School

The Steiner Olympics at the Bristol Steiner School

Up to 400 children from across the UK and from Europe participated in the three-day event, which took place at the end of June.

The 11 and 12-year-olds dressed in togas, lit flame torches, and ate authentic Greek food in order to recreate the original Games.

During the Olympics, the participated in running, jumping and wrestling competitions, as well as discus and javelin events.

Most camped in the 60-acre grounds of Kidbrooke Mansion, an historic 17th-Century estate in East Sussex and the home of the UK’s largest and oldest Steiner Waldorf school, Michael Hall.

A spokesman for Bristol Steiner School said the contest complements the school’s curriculum, which includes ancient Greek studies.

Education Co-ordinator Janet Parsons said: “The annual Steiner ‘Olympic’ Games is a fabulous and memorable event that enables pupils from both British and European schools to meet and to build long-lasting friendships.

“The Olympics help pupils learn more about the history, mythology and geography of Ancient Greece and are the culmination of a year steeped in studies about this fascinating culture.

“The original games prepared warriors to be strong and true and these games are about strength, truth and beauty. The concept of coming first, of winning above all others, is secondary to the realization of overcoming your own fears and shortcomings, and of striving to do better for those you represent – and for yourself.

“Every student learns something new about themselves during the Games and, at the closing ceremony, all participants are awarded medals to acknowledge and honour their personal effort, co-operation and participation during the Games.

She added: “Above all, the Games are a fitting and fun end to what has been a wonderful academic year. Both the children and the teachers are very much enjoyed taking part.”

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