Psychic theories surrounding missing Malaysian plane MH370

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There has still been no sign of the missing Malaysia Airplane, flight number MH370, and while the

underwater search continues in the ocean off the coast of Western Australia, several psychics have

put forward their own theories about what might have happened to the plane.

Many people are sceptical about the ability of psychics to help out in investigations such as this, but

given the fact that there has been no sign whatsoever of what happened to the flight that left Kuala

Lumpur headed for Beijing on 8 March, this has meant that more and more channels of investigation

are now being used.

This map shows the intended route of missing flight MH370

This map shows the intended route of missing flight MH370 (Wikicommons)

Officials have concluded through analysing satellite data that the flight ended

somewhere in the sea north-west of Perth, Australia, but the search for the plane is ongoing.

Psychics’ theories are beginning to be taken more seriously as there is now some scientific evidence

that proves the validity of psychic powers such as clairvoyance and psychokinesis. Read more about

the science and theories behind psychics at

The TV personality and psychic Uri Geller has been using remote viewing to help try and establish

what happened during the flight. Remote viewing is when extra-sensory perception is used to seek

a distant or unseen target. Geller even tweeted to ask his Twitter followers to help him, asking them

to try and ‘see’ where they thought the plane went down. His own theory is that the pilot is key to

the reason why the plane went missing. He senses that the pilot was forced to divert the plane by

someone or something, or decided to do so himself. However, Geller has emphasised that this is his

personal opinion.

Meanwhile a psychic in Michigan called Kristy Robinett has detailed the vision she had around the

plane’s disappearance. She had a series of flash visions that told her that the plane’s disappearance

was deliberate and planned, that it wasn’t a suicide mission and that they had a place to land and

a crew on the ground to help them. She suggested that the plane is in a mountainous region with a

jungle-like landscape and that it was somewhere hot and humid with clear water near to it. Robinett

also suggested that several governments know more than the public is being told.

CNN’s sister channel HLN invited a psychic called Lisa Williams onto the programme to give her

theories on the missing plane’s whereabouts on 21 March. Williams said that through psychic

powers she had the impression that some of the passengers on board flight MH370 are still alive,

but are being held in a secret location. She said that she thought the plane had crashed, in an

area where there were lots of trees and that the debris theory in the ocean was a deliberate

decoy designed to lead the public off track. At the time, she said she believed that the plane’s

disappearance would be resolved in the next three weeks – that time has now come and gone.

Until the wreckage of the missing plane has been found, there will undoubtedly be more theories

about where the plane is. For the vast majority of the world’s population it is a strange and

interesting mystery, but of course, for the relatives and friends of those passengers and crew on

board it is a harrowing and unbearable time while they wait to discover what happened to their

loved ones.


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  1. Sckenar says:

    I’ve also been having the feeling that the plane didn’t crash into the waters but it landed somewhere and some if not all the passengers on board are alive. some day we’ll live to see them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel I am very intuitive and very physic at times..
    The plane was in my visual opinion stolen. And all are still living that were aboard..
    Being held against there will.. They will be released on June 3rd.. It will be a undercover rescue mission..
    That will initially save them.
    The people on the airplane were very valuable and smart.. It will be a victorious day for them to be released.
    I’m hopeful and excited to see the search over on June 3rd..
    God bless.. For he lives in all of us..

    • Anonymous says:

      Its strange abt Mh375 but I hope n believe this problem will soo be solved for those hunger for meeting since March 8th 2014.

    • Anonymous says:

      Again I strongly! believe the plane is at point 75 degrees south of the Equator. Northeast of the Mauritus Islands. Northeast of Rodriguez Island. South of 75 degrees on the Equator.

    • Zoe says:

      I believe that I have a gift that only came to light 2 years ago when I was falling asleep and I heard a voice say 1977 Kuala Lumpur air crash. I immediately picked up my phone and googled it. It was true a Malaisian air plane had been hijacked and crashed at Kuala Lumpur. You probably think that is a bit random!! But it freaked me out because we were due to fly out to Thailand for a wedding 3 weeks later. The next morning I called my mother in law and asked who we were flying with and she said Malaysian Air to Kuala Lumpur then Bangkok air to koh samui. So now I’m more worried and don’t want to go. My husband thinks I’m crazy. But we made it there and had a fab time and returned home safely. For some reason I turned on the news (which I don’t usually watch) and found that the MH370 left 8 hours after ours took off and it was never seen again. Even to this day there has been no sign. I asked in my head where is the plane. And I got the name James Cameron. And for some reason the first bit of info on him was that he had done a record breaking solo dive 35000ft to the deepest part of the ocean MARIANAS TRENCH off the cost of Guam. When I close my eyes and ask where the people are, I see American soldiers and an air/army base and an asian child sat against a wall with his head in his hands. So I Googled Guam and guess what??? It’s owned by USA. A massive navel base that’s to spend 8 billion on a super base. So what was on the plane that they might want??
      Among the 200-plus passengers bound for Beijing, the target group for the hijack is narrowing down to 20 tech employees working for Freescale.
      Freescale has design centers in Kuala Lumpur.
      Freescale has extensive contracts with the U.S. military, producing wafers and circuits for navigation, periscopes, electronic targeting, self-guided missiles and other weapons systems that require intelligence controls.
      Any defense-related company at the nerve center of Pentagon hardware is bound to attract the attention of weapons designers from both adversarial and allied nations upgrading their military capability.
      So did the U.S not want this technology reaching Beijing ??
      After I saw this on the news I contacted sky news bbc itv and newspapers and know one replied!!
      So what do you all make of this??

  3. Steve says:

    I think this plane was shot down by some air force fighter jets and is being covered up due to it causing a third world war.

  4. Among says:

    Dowsing tells me that this plane came down in or close to the island of Madagascar in the Sth. Indian Ocean. Looking at the map I see that there are copious airfields on the island at which to land.The authorities prefer to spend a huge amount of money and efforts with sophisticated aids, rather than to give this method the respect it has shown to me, to warrant. It is free ,simple and immediate in response. Using divination with cards and runes, the story behind this “mystery” shows that the chief pilot was the planner, with other factions, of this event. I believe that he intended to survive and begin a new life. M.G

  5. Anonymous says:

    I strongly believe the plane is south of the Ecuator at 75 degrees. And east of the Mauritis islands. North east of Rodriguez Island in the Mauritus.

  6. Lazarus kudzai shumba says:

    I tend to think that the plane was either shot down and its crush position is known. But whoever is responsible, is scared for some reason.Or the plane was landed safely with the help of underground operatives of some organization or government in a remote area and the passengers are being held hostages.But, if so,for what reason and for how long should the people suffer in captivity.

    Someone somewhere knows the truth.

    The pings that were detected, could they have been from a deceiver.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a psychic! But I had a dream about the plane flying over a huge glass dome building, then changing course and turning into a dragon. I had the dream exactly at the same time the plane disappeared, but I only knew about the actual incident a day after.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I too am not a psychic. I just want to share a dream I had about two weeks after the plane disappeared.

    I dreamt of a modern missile/space centre with uniformed personnel in sight.Beside this place was a long tunnel that seemed to go into a hill or mountain. The moment I was dreaming I became aware of the words “North Korea”.

    Again, just sharing my dream.

  9. Joseph says:

    I too am not a psychic. I just want to share a dream I had about two
    weeks after the plane disappeared.

    I dreamt of a modern missile/space centre with uniformed personnel
    in sight.Beside this place was a long tunnel that seemed to go into
    a hill or mountain. The moment I was dreaming I became aware of the
    words “North Korea”.

    Again, just sharing my dream.

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