Proud father, 38, has delivered BOTH his children

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A proud father has spoke of his joy at delivering BOTH his children – after helping bring his second son into the world.

Quick thinking Rob Keeling, 38, was on hand for a second time in six years after girlfriend Jodie Pointon, 31, went into labour on Sunday.

Rob realised paramedics were not going to arrive in time after he dialled 999 and was forced to deliver 7lb 4oz Archy on the couple’s bed at 11.10pm.

 Rob Keeling with the two sons that he delivered - baby Archy and Bobby

Rob Keeling with the two sons that he delivered – baby Archy and Bobby

The cool-headed dad even carefully removed the umbilical cord that had become wrapped around Archy’s fragile neck.

It wasn’t the first time Rob has been called into action having delivered the couple’s first child Bobby on their sofa, in 2006.

The delighted dad, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., said his latest delivery was much easy than the first.

He said: “Everything happened so quickly that I can’t really remember much about it.

“Jodie said she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital, so I just went into auto-pilot. It was all a bit of a shock.

“It took barely two minutes before Archy was out, the moment he popped out the paramedics were at the door.

“The first time it happened I was scared, but having been through that it wasn’t so bad a second time.

“I never thought in a million years I would be delivering another baby, Jodie had been having some contractions through the day and she went upstairs.

“I told her to let me know if anything happened, and she had barely got there when she shouted that the baby was coming.

“He came out so fast I just delivered him there and then on the bed.

“Then I saw that the chord was wrapped round his neck and I knew that was dangerous, I had to gently try and free him or he might have died.

“He’s a beautiful baby, perfectly healthy despite me delivering him, but I’m just glad I had some experience in delivering him.”

Proud Mum Jodie added: “We called the hospital at about 10.30pm to say we were on our way, but suddenly I knew we weren’t going to be able to get there.

“My mum came and rang an ambulance, but Archy just came out so quick.

“Delivering a baby at home was a bit of a shock for Rob when it happened the first time, but not so much this time.

“You just get on with it.

“We were all fine afterwards and Archy has been really good.”

Archy’s grandmother Jill Mellor, 55, from Fegg Hayes, Northants., said: “I’m dead proud of Rob – he did really well.

“There aren’t many dads who can say they have delivered both their children.”

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