Prince William and Kate Middleton baby ‘should be called DIANA’

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The British public want Prince William and Kate Middleton to stick to their Royal roots by naming their baby Philip or DIANA, a survey has revealed.

Research found the most popular names for the eagerly anticipated Royal baby are that of Will’s late mother the Princess of Wales or the Duke of Edinburgh.

Almost a quarter of Brits said the couple should name a male heir Philip –  while three out of ten people hope a baby girl will be called Diana.

The names Charles and William surprisingly only received seven per cent of votes in the study, which quizzed 1,500 British parents.

Whatever the decision, it seems the Duchess of Cambridge will have the final say – with research revealing almost 60 per cent of British mums choose their children’s name.

The study – carried out by – showed new dads have just 21 per cent influence in naming their child, while grandparents are way down the pecking order with just four per cent.

And a staggering 89 per cent of parents revealed the factor which most influences the choice of name the most is how it SOUNDS.

Kate, 31, and Wills, 30, whose surname is Mountbatten-Windsor, are expected to welcome their new addition on July 13 this year.

Name expert Laura Wattenberg, from, said: “The Royal Family is the pinnacle of traditional naming, but Will and Kate are still contemporary parents.

“Their choice may be a balancing act between family and fashion.

“Today, even parents who prefer traditional names also pay attention to style.

“Great-Aunt Olivia is far more likely to have a baby named for her than Great-Aunt Gertrude.”

Psychologist Dr Helen Andrews said the Royal Couple’s choice of name will go a long way in defining what sort of life they will have.

She said: “A name is with us our entire life. It can go some way to defining who we are and first impressions are often based on it.

“Most children are unaffected by their parent’s choice but, in terms of a child’s emotional well being, there are two main exceptions.

“A name that stands out as different can increase a child’s chances of being teased or bullied by peers.

“This runs the risk of them becoming low or anxious and developing poor self-esteem.

“Likewise children are sometimes named after prominent family members – living or deceased – increasing the likelihood a child will be compared to that person.

“If there are negative associations with the name, these can be passed on to the child.

“If there are positive ones, then the child can often be found lacking in comparison.

“Both of these scenarios can stand in the way of the child developing into the person that they are meant to be.”


Philip                                                                  24.77%
William                                                                 7.34%
Charles                                                                 7.34%
(Other)                                                                 60.55%


Diana                                                                   27.52%
Elizabeth                                                                       18.35%
Catherine                                                                        3.67%
(Other)                                                                         50.46%

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    james michael william charles for a boy

    margaret diana elizabeth carole for a girl

  3. Anonymous says:

    The British royal family is all about tradition/history. I’m guessing they’ll name a girl Elizabeth or Victoria after the greatest queens the country has ever had (that’s Elizabeth I and II) and the baby is descended from (William and the baby are related to every king and queen of England for the last 500 years).

    For a boy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they picked the name George, again following in tradition. Prince William’s great grandfather was George VI, his great, great grandfather George V, and all the Georges from the house of Hanover in the 18th Century who William and the baby are a direct descendent of.

  4. namequeen says:

    Don’t be surprised If they defy tradition and give the child an original name like Abigail or Ethan

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