My baby was born on a witch’s grave!

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A pregnant woman was spooked when she went into early labour – and gave birth to a baby girl on the grave of a WITCH.

Shocked Gemma Grocott, 19, was passing through her local cemetery when she started having contractions.

She ended up giving birth just 15 minutes later on the tombstone of Molly Leigh in St John’s Church in Burslem, Staffs.

Steven Moore and partner Gemma Grocott who gave birth on the grave of a witch

Steven Moore and partner Gemma Grocott who gave birth on the grave of a witch

Molly was famously murdered for being a so-called witch in 1746.

Gemma, who also has a two-year-old daughter, collapsed on the floor after going into labour six weeks early last Wednesday morning.

Her partner Steven Moore, 24, delivered 6lb 9oz Mikayla after being talked through the birth by a 999 operator as the couple waited for an ambulance to arrive.

Gemma, from Burslem, said: “I had been in slow labour for three days.

“As I walked past Molly Leigh’s grave I suddenly felt a sharp pain and the full-blown contractions started although my waters never actually broke.

Baby Mikayla Grocott who was born on the grave of a witch

Baby Mikayla Grocott who was born on the grave of a witch

The grave of Molly Leigh the witch of Burslem

The grave of Molly Leigh the witch of Burslem

“It was a bit spooky because Molly is famous in Burslem but I just prayed the baby would be okay.

“I couldn’t walk. Steven went to get his friend to help carry me to his house, where we could call a taxi.

“But while he was gone I could feel the baby’s head. I started panicking because I was on my own.

“Then Steven arrived and he told me to push, and basically delivered Mikayla.

“When I’ve told people that she was born on Molly’s grave a few people have asked why I didn’t call the baby Molly. I thought about it, but I prefer Mikayla.”

Steven, a warehouse worker, helped Gemma onto the grave and delivered his daughter before wrapping her up in his coat.

He said: “There was so much blood I was worried Gemma was going to bleed to death.

“Then I could see the head. I was panicking but I stayed calm for Gemma.

“When Mikayla was born it was very emotional. Delivering her was the best experience I have ever had.”

Shortly after the birth at 11.55am last Wednesday, a rapid response vehicle arrived and took Gemma to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.

Mikayla remains in the intensive care unit due to complications with her breathing and eating, and Gemma is still being monitored after losing a lot of blood.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “It was a very quick delivery, the baby was already crowning when we received the 999 call.

“However, the mother and father did an excellent job.”

Molly Leigh was famously shunned by people in Burslem on account of her hideous features and was blamed for anything unexplained or unfortunate which happened in the area.

After sightings were reported of her after her death, a local Reverend and a group of priests exhumed her body and drove a stake through her heart.

Her coffin was then turned around to face away from the other graves and she was reburied with her pet blackbird.

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  1. Jordon says:

    well, at least they were considerate enough to rebury the poor woman with her pet blackbird.
    thankfully, mother and baby are OK – what a story to tell Mikayla when she’s six years old! did they offer to clean up the blood somehow? i sense an urban legend coming from this…

  2. DaniBoBani says:

    I swear if this story pops up again, with the title “Kid claims to be Molly Leigh, and was born on Molly Leigh’s grave!!”.. I will be speechless, aha

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