Posh grandson of Lib Dem Lord launches career as a gangster rapper

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The posh grandchild of a Lib Dem Lord and Lady is trying to launch an unlikely career – as a GANGSTER RAPPER.

David Palmer – who raps under the name ‘Dave in Charge’ – has launched a career as a ghetto musician from his parent’s plush £1.8million home.

But David, 25, the grandson of Liberal Democrats Lord and Lady Palmer of Childs Hill, has released what could well be the worst rap song and video in history.

On the video description for his debut single Habitat, he wrote: “Dave In Charge is an emerging Conscious Rap artist who grips your attention with epiphanies and sentiments as he unravels what we take for granted.”

The posh rapper reckons he can understand life in poor ghettos despite his very privileged upbringing, which included attending the posh private Jewish Free School, because he understands politics.

David, who lives with his parents in the posh north London suburb of Golders Green, said: “I discovered rap from a young age. I think it was probably during my Year 6 disco at school that I first heard The Real Slim Shady, by Eminem.

“That made me want to check out rap music a bit more. As I was brought up with politics all around me, I seemed to understand what was going on.

“While a lot of people may be alienated by the political situations, I felt that I was able to understand the American ghetto situations because I had the political background.”

David reckons Habitat, filmed in Hampstead Heath, challenges social perceptions of the environment and acts as a mirror for society to hold up against itself to force us to stop damaging Mother Nature.

The tone-deaf rapper, who recorded the terrible track in his bedroom, has a long way to go before he can go down in history as a talented wordsmith like Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

The cringe-worthy tune includes the lyrics: “I write words, but can’t move you like tectonic plates.

“I create Mexican waves, but know I’m nothing against the waves.

“Fine, I’ll shine, but without some sun the crops ain’t safe.

“Tell the rain ‘come again another day’ — that won’t make it wait.”

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