Police sergeant who hurled woman into concrete floor jailed

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A police sergeant who hurled a woman headfirst into a concrete floor leaving her with blood pouring from a wound above her eye was today jailed for six months.

Callous Mark Andrews, 37, was caught on CCTV dragging petit Pamela Somerville into a custody cell before roughly throwing her to the floor.

The footage shows him walking away as she is left lying unconscious on the floor as blood pours from a gaping wound above her left eye.

Burly 6ft 3in Andrew served as an Army sergeant for nine years before joining the police eight years ago where he served as a custody sergeant.

Married dad-of-two Andrews was found guilty of assaulting Miss Somerville and causing actual bodily harm following a five day trial last week.

He was suspended on full pay by Wiltshire Police following his conviction and is now facing a misconduct hearing – when is expected to be sacked – next month.

Wearing a black suit and blue tie, Andrews sat with his head bowed throughout the fifteen minute hearing at Oxford Magistrates Court and showed no emotion as he was jailed.

Sentencing him to six months, district recorder Peter Greenfield said: ”I accept in part Miss Somerville’s conduct must have been difficult but in my submission it was an abuse of trust on a vulnerable woman in your care.

”Her difficult behaviour is no excuse for your actions. Right-thinking members of the public will be saddened by your behaviour towards her.”

Market researcher Pamela, 59, was arrested in 2008 when police found her asleep in her car in a lay-by in Melksham, Wilts., following a minor row with her partner.

Wiltshire Police said she was arrested for failing to provide a breath sample, though she later denied being drunk or refusing to provide a sample.

She was charged, although the case against her was later dropped.

Pamela was taken to Melksham police station where she met Sgt Andrews, who roughly grabbed by the arm as she was led through reception.

CCTV shows him dragging her through reception as he shouts ‘Shut up. Listen to me. You are in my custody now and you will be quiet and you will listen. Do you understand?’

She later walked out of the cell after a police doctor visited her, and says she was ‘lifted up under the arms like a doll by Sgt Andrews and thrown headfirst back into the cell’.

Andrews then slams the door shut, leaving her unconscious on the floor as blood gushes from a heft wound.

Pamela who lives with her partner John in the hamlet of North Colerne, Wilts., said earlier this week that she may need a cataract operation after the attack.

”I am just an ordinary, middle-aged, middle-class Miss Goody Two Shoes” said Pamela, who has a degree in microbiology.

”I had done absolutely nothing wrong.

”What happened to me was extraordinary, terrifying, and no one should ever be treated in the same way ever again, no matter what they are said to have done.”

District recorder Mr Greenfield also slammed two unnamed officers who gave evidence during the five-day trial who claimed Miss Somerville was drunk when arrested.

Speaking to Andrew’s defence counsel, he said: ”You called two arresting officers for evidence but I did not accept it.

”I was so concerned about their evidence I have asked for my comments to be made available to the chief constable of Wiltshire police.”

Wiltshire Police’s assistant chief constable Patrick Geenty said following last weeks conviction: ”The force has formally apologised to the injured lady for the assault she suffered while in our care.”

Mitigating, Jeremy Barton, told the court Andrews had received online death threats and abusive phonecalls since the footage emerged earlier this week.

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