Police brought in over angry clashes between residents and bin men

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Police are being brought in for extra patrols after a series of angry clashes between residents and council workers – over BIN collections, it emerged yesterday.

Officers will be drafted in during bin round times following a series of ”disagreements” between homeowners and refuse workers.

The confrontations erupted after bin men refused to collect a string of wheelie bins left outside homes in the Tredworth area of Gloucester.

They said they would not empty the bins because of the city council’s strict policy of only emptying bins which were fully closed.

Each bin had a sticker attached saying the rubbish wouldn’t be collected unless the lid was fully shut.

The sticker also infuriated residents by saying the bins had to be removed from the side of the road by the end of the day – even if they were still full.

But homeowners say the bin lids were less than a centimetre open and the situation has lead to a number of rows with refuse workers.

Sgt Lynn Northfield, of the local White City Safer Community Team, said police will now increase patrols during bin collection times.

She said: “We are aware of several recent incidents of verbal disagreements between Tredworth residents and the binmen.

“As a result, we have increased patrols during collection times in the area to ensure there are no altercations and will continue to monitor the situation over the next few weeks.”

Local resident Tony Goss, 50, a dad-of-three, said his bin wasn’t collected even though the lid was left open by only a fraction.

He said: “I think it is totally outrageous. It is approximately half an inch open on one side at the top. Surely it just needs a bit of common sense applied.

“I contacted the council, whose customer services operative told me she could do nothing at all about it except contact a neighbourhood manager who would advise me on bin filling.

“I really don’t need advice, I need a service. With this kind of attitude towards council tax payers, it is no surprise people are getting angry.”

Carpenter Dennis Lee, 51, added: “It’s an absolute nightmare, binmen turned up at my house and walked away without taking a thing. The black bags were barely an inch over.

”It really stinks. I’ve been on the phone to them but they’ve told me I’ll have to wait two weeks for the next collection.

”I’ve been working all my life, 30 odd years, and pay my council tax so I can get my bins collected. It’s a sad joke.

”I’ve got three daughters and our neighbours have been helping me by taking in some of my black bins.”

Resident Sean McKenzie said: ””I can’t believe it. It is so annoying and I am really angry about it. Do I now have to wait two weeks for it to be collected?

“We recycle everything and always put our bins out on time and this is how we are repaid.”

A spokeswoman for Gloucester City Council said: “We have operated a closed bin policy for a number years.

“The city council can offer advice on what can be recycled, along with additional recycling boxes.”

**Residents who leave bins on the street seven days a week will not face prosecution, a council has admitted.

Officials in Torquay, Devon say it is ”unlikely” to take action against people who place bins outside their homes.

Torbay Council has admitted the public will not face prosecution in a letter to resident Philip Langmead.

Property developer Philip, 57, had asked the council if he risked action for leaving his bin on the path near his house..

A letter from its legal team said a refuse bin ”does not represent an obstruction” and although there are powers to prosecute, there is no duty on the council to do so.

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