Pictured: The heart-warming moment shivering Golden Labrador is rescued after getting swept out to sea

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This is the moment a dog swept out to sea was saved from certain death by a lifeboat crew.

The Golden labrador disappeared after going for a dip while on a walk on the beach with her owner on Sunday morning.

Her owner searched with two kayakers for the poor pup but they were unable to find her – leaving the devastated owner to break the news to his wife.

A rescue worker cradles the shivering dog

A rescue worker cradles the shivering dog

But luckily the coastguard managed to contact the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) volunteers who were on a training exercise.

The crew from Happisburgh, Norfolk, was diverted and started a search for the missing dog.

At half a mile out to sea the volunteers were about to give up the search but then they suddenly heard barking coming from the terrified lab shaking on rocks on a reef.

This heart-warming video shows the crew coaxing the animal across the reef and into one of the crew member’s arms to carry it safety in the boat.

RNLI workers spot the stranded dog while they're on a training exercise

RNLI workers spot the stranded dog while they’re on a training exercise

The Golden Labrador is hauled to safety

The Golden Labrador is hauled to safety

They tried to keep her warm as they returned to Sea Palling beach, in Norfolk, where they wrapped the dog in a blanket and took her back to their lifeboat station.

She was then reunited with her owners.

An RNLI spokesman yesterdaysaid: “We are sure this will make their Christmas much more enjoyable with the return of their pet.

“We believe the Labrador was a nursing mother so this rescue will make a great difference to her pups.”

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