Pet owner forced to quit her career because she’s got Britain’s most energetic dog which needs walking – seven HOURS a day

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A woman says she’s been forced to give up her career because she has Britain’s most energetic DOG who needs walking – seven HOURS a day.

Sara Davis with her spaniel-cross Bobby who needs walking - SEVEN hours a day (SWNS)

Sara Davis with her spaniel-cross Bobby who needs walking – SEVEN hours a day (SWNS)

Dedicated Sara Davis, 27, spends 49 hours a week taking Bobby, a spaniel cross, across the local parks and woods.

Since she adopted him in 2008 she’s walked the black and white dog over 18,000 hours – the equivalent of two full YEARS.

During that time she has covered 55,000 MILES – the same as twice round the EARTH.

She adopted him as a puppy but soon realised he had relentless energy and is only happy when’s he’s out – and never gets tired.

Sara was eventually forced to quit her job in hospitality management just so she could take him out for as many walks as he needed – around seven hours a day.

She even became a full time professional dog walker to make ends meet and accommodate her beloved pet.


Sara, 27, does not drive, so she spends another two hours each day, with Bobby, walking between her clients’ houses.

She said: “When I got Bobby, I had a good job working in hotels and was on the track to get promotions.

“But I’d have to take Bobby out for a walk for hours in the morning, come back at lunchtime, and spend my entire evenings walking him as well.

“If he doesn’t get the exercise he needs you can definitely tell he would give anything to go for a walk.

“After about a year, I had had enough, and quit my job to become a professional dog walker.

“That way I could give Bobby the exercise he needs – he’s my baby really, and I want to spend as much time with him as possible.”

Sara, of Hornchurch, east London, has around ten regular clients whose dogs she takes on lengthy walks – accompanied by Bobby.


Bobby is a cross between a King Charles Cavalier spaniel and a springer spaniel.

Sara said: “Everybody knows me round here, because I’m forever walking him.

“I don’t know why he is so lively. I think it may be because he’s a cross between two of the most energetic breeds.

“I bet there’s a dog with the same breeding of him out there that’s lazy and hates walking – but Bobby definitely doesn’t.”

Bobby also loves playing fetch, as well as running after sticks, playing with toys and generally bounding around – he even plays with the other dogs that Sara walks.

Sara added: “Bobby is my baby. He gets on really well with everyone, dogs and people.


He had a lot of energy as a puppy, and it just seemed to grow as he ages.

“He’s eight in August, but he’s showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

“I’ve never really worked out how many miles we walk each day, but I know that at the end of the day, I’m tired while Bobby just wants to play fetch.”

When Sara’s partner James Dean, 30, gets home after work as a college teacher, he plays fetch with Bobby in the back garden.

She added: “Bobby’s just so happy when he knows he can go out on a walk, or play, I smile every time I see his face. He has the best life.”

Bobby is now in the final stages of a competition to be crowned officially Britain’s Fittest Dog, which will earn him and his proud owners a year’s supply of food.

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