Pet dog almost dies after eating a bag of COCAINE left in a park

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A family dog was left convulsing and foaming at the mouth after he was almost killed on his daily walk – when he ate a packet of COCAINE.

Schoolboy Stewart Vogel, 15, watched in horror as Max his young pet Labrador collapsed in agony from the drugs it found in a park.

He managed to get him back home and the nine month-old dog was rushed to an emergency vet who found the Class A drug had burst inside his stomach.

A bag of cocaine similar to the one eaten in the park by the dog

A bag of cocaine similar to the one eaten in the park by the dog

Vet Paul Cooper sedated him with a huge amount of anaesthetic and said he had never seen a dog ingest so much cocaine and live.

Stewart’s mum Karen Janman, 49, said: “I was petrified when he started fitting. I didn’t know what to do.

“Stewart is mildly autistic and we got Max for him as he struggles to mix with people, so he was very upset when he saw what was going on.

“We rushed Max to the vet who sedated him and tried to bring his temperature down by hosing him with cold water.

“It turned out he ingested a wrap of cocaine that someone had dropped in the street. We didn’t know if he would make it.”

Mr. Cooper of the Greenleaves Veterinary Centre said: “Max must have had just enough anaesthetic to sedate an elephant.

“I have never seen a dog have that much and live”.

Karen, of Hastings, East Sussex, added: “I feel disgusted at what’s happened.

“What if it was a child or a toddler that picked up the cocaine? You know what kids are like. It’s shocking.

“It’s taken Max a few days to recover but he’s back to his lively self now. We got him when he was just two months old so he is like family to us.”

Police Inspector Chris Veale said: “I’m glad that the dog in this case is recovering but it highlights the problems that drugs can cause in the community.

“Drugs are not a harmless diversion used by people in their own homes. They cause misery to communities through antisocial behaviour and crime and we will not accept them.”

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