Personalised nutrition and exercise plans for a healthier life

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life is good

Life is Good, a Devon based start-up and the brainchild of Carola Becker has launched, providing a fully personalised holistic solution to fitness and nutrition.

Life is Good combines in-depth nutritional knowledge with a supporting exercise plan to help clients adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

Carola is a certified Nutritional Therapist and Fitness Instructor helping people with weight issues, either due to a bad diet or due to a medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure; and people 50+ who would like to stay healthier for as long as possible.

Caroline said “I have a lifelong passion for exercise but was diagnosed with Arthritis a couple of years ago and gained over two stone during severe flare ups,”

“Since discovering both a nutritional diet and supporting exercise and subsequently turning my life around, I decided to study the topic and help others.

“With so much conflicting information available, understanding your personal nutritional requirements and how it affects your health can be confusing.

Caroline carried on to say “Through my experience I provide my clients with evidence-based nutrition advice as well as a personalised exercise programme to help them reach a healthy weight, reach training goals, reduce risk of chronic diseases, and manage current health conditions.

“The 12 week online programme is the best of both a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

“By offering flexibility and 24-hour online support, we are giving our clients all the tools to improve their long-term health and make healthy decisions.

“This is not a quick fix but the start of a new healthier life.”

One client, Sophie, 24, said: “Within five weeks of following my personal plan I lost over one stone, my once high blood pressure dropped significantly, and best of all, I haven’t felt hungry and was full of energy again!”

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