Pensioner’s life saved by cold-calling salesman who rang her… while she suffered a STROKE

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An elderly woman today told how her life was saved by a cold calling salesman who rang her – while she suffered a STROKE.

Jessica Robbins, 84, answered the phone to Simon Shepherd who was trying to sell her solar panels.

But half-way through his salesman’s patter, he realised the pensioner was having breathing difficulties and he ended the call.

The cold-calling salesman called an ambulance after realising the pensioner he rang was having breathing difficulties

The cold-calling salesman called an ambulance after realising the pensioner he rang was having breathing difficulties

He raised his concerns with his supervisor who told him to call her back and get her address so they could call an ambulance.

When paramedics arrived at Mrs Robbins’ home in Walsall, West Mids., they discovered she had suffered a stroke and rushed her to hospital.

Mrs Robbins, who is now recovering at home, yesterday thanked Mr Shepherd, 25, for saving her life.

She said: “I am very grateful to the young man, he was very good with me on the phone, he went above and beyond for me.

“I don’t usually listen to telesales but I’m glad I answered the phone to Simon.

“Salesman sometimes get a bad name but in this case he saved my life.

“My father had a couple of strokes like this. I’ve got the feeling back and I’ve got the young lad to thank for that, and the ambulance people.”

Mrs Robbins suffered the stroke which paralysed the left side of her body on March 12.

After calling her back Mr Shepherd, from Tamworth, Staffs., called an ambulance which was on her doorstep within minutes.

Mr Shepherd, who works for Zenith Renewable Energy Ltd, said: “I felt uneasy after ending the call.

“So we decided to call her back and I’m glad we did.

“The thing is, cold callers get a hard time from people, but if I hadn’t called she’d probably have died.

“I didn’t make a sale but I’m so glad I could help her.”

Mr Shepherd visited Mrs Robbins last week to present her with a bouquet of flowers.

He added: “She’s made a good recovery, she’s had a number of mild heart attacks in the past but is still doing well, she’s a tough old bird.”

Sales and marketing director Craig Siviter said: “For some reason Simon started from the bottom of the list instead of the top.

“It was his first call of the day, on only his second day of the job, he spoke to me as he believed the lady was unwell.

“I told him to call back and then we called for an ambulance.

“We get people slamming down the phone on us, all sorts, but it was pleasing on this occasion that we could step in and help the lady.”

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