Woman, 53, who compained about her haircut was subjected to torrent of abuse by the salon OWNER

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Janice Khoo, 57, was subjected to a torrent of abuse from a salon owner after complaining about her hair cut

Janice Khoo, 57, was subjected to a torrent of abuse from a salon owner after complaining about her hair cut

A customer who criticised her hairdresser with a negative online review was subjected to a torrent of abuse on Facebook from the foul-mouthed stylist – who called her a “whining, whingeing old bag”.

Janice Khoo, 57, paid £360 for hair extensions but complained after crimper Drew Carlton left her looking like she had “just got out of bed”.

He then ordered her out of the shop in a rage, prompting Janice to leave a bad review on the company’s Facebook page.

But she was shocked when Mr Carlton, owner of Future Lengths Hair Salon, hit back with an expletive-filled rant – calling her an “old insecure witch” and telling her “kindly f**k off”.

Using the official company account, he said: “Too busy and too fabulous to deal with your neurotic projections Mrs!

“Maybe you should see a shrink for your histrionic personality disorder? Would be my recommendation. You want to engage me? I will SUE for slander.

“You are a whining, winging [sic] old bag, END OF!”

Then minutes later he added an even more vicious rant: “Janice Khoo, kindly f**k off! Your custom is not needed!

“Bring it on! I could sue you beyond your wildest imagination!

“1st unhappy client in 25 years! YOU LADY, ARE A PRIZE C**T! My customers/clients are always happy, never a BAD one UNTIL YOU!

“Histrionic personality disorder you old insecure witch!! Go see your psych manager! SLAG!”

His bizarre rant – all on the public part of his company’s page – saw his ‘star rating’ plummet, apparently prompting more abuse towards Janice.

He continued to taunt her in a series of now-deleted messages – including one asking the mum-of-two “you wanna piece of me?”

Another said “April all booked up!” and added: “Try again slag, will ensure that you end up with fook-all!”

The Future Lengths salon, Swindon, where Janice had her hair done

The Future Lengths salon, Swindon, where Janice had her hair done

Married Janice, of Swindon, Wilts., has now reported the abusive to the police and his business page has disappeared from the social networking website.

She said yesterday: “When I saw his posts I was absolutely devastated.  Everyone I have told about it is aghast and horrified.

“Even if I had been the most awkward customer in the world, which I was not, nothing can justify the language he used.

“Some of the language he used, it would never even enter my mind let alone cross my lips – and to a customer.

“It is absolutely unbelievable.”

The bitter battle began after Janice visited the salon in Swindon, for extensions to boost the volume in her hair – as well as a cut and blow dry – on March 21.

She was happy with the additions to her hair but complained his styling made the top of her hair look flat, and asked him to use curlers to improve the look.

In her online review she said: “The top and fringe looked atrocious and I was dumbfounded that he would let any customer leave his salon with hair in such a state.

“He managed to do the complicated part of the treatment well, but his frustration at his own ineptitude with the much simpler task seemed to be more than he could bear.

“He completely lost control and an aggressive and threatening part of his personality shot to the surface.

“He told me that he was ‘fed up with your whingeing’ which was peculiar since I was only politely asking a totally reasonable request to someone I believed to be a skilled stylist.

“He then processed to enter a self-induced frenzy in which he started ranting and swearing at me, pacing up and down like a caged wild animal.”

Janice – who does not wish to reveal her line of work for fear of her professional online profile being targeted by the salon – added: “I was left upset and traumatised after an onslaught which amounted to an aggressive tirade of obscene verbal abuse – all I did was ask for more body in my hair.

“Drew not only swore at me but also shouted at me to ‘get out!'”

Salon owner Mr Carlton – who has decided to no longer used social media for his business – said Janice had been a difficult customer but his reaction was wrong.

He said: “Her attitude was completely unacceptable – she did nothing but complain. I felt like there was nothing I could do to make this person happy.

“My reaction was completely wrong, but she was accusing me of being very inept. I have been doing what I do for 25 years, and I have never had a cross word with a client before now.

“What really upset me was that she accused me of being unprofessional. I will be the first person to say my reaction was out of order, but I wanted to protect my business. I realise now that probably did more harm.

“In those situations it is fight or flight mode, but the problem is once you have done it you can’t take it back.

“I would be more than happy to apologise to her and refund her money.”

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  1. Kelly says:

    Someone who is 57 years old is not a ‘pensioner’. My mum just turned 59 and won’t be getting her pension until 2021!

  2. lucas says:

    Not a pensioner. Misleading article.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Boycott this shop!!

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