Pensioner, 74, attacked by thugs after telling them off for throwing snowballs at his wife

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A brave pensioner was viciously punched and battered by a gang of youths outside his home after confronting them for throwing snowballs at his elderly wife.

Brian Cox, 74, was attacked after he stood up to the hooded thugs who had been hurling snowballs at his windows for three days running.

But when his 70-year-old wife Joy was pelted as she came to the door last Thursday evening , the defiant OAP decided enough was enough and stood up to the gang.

Brian Cox with his wife Joy outside their home in Northampton where he was attacked by youths

Brian Cox with his wife Joy outside their home in Northampton where he was attacked by youths

Shockingly, the youths retaliated by headbutting retired caretaker Brian to the ground – before punching him in the face and mouth.

He managed to escape and stumble the short distance back to his house in Northampton with blood pouring from his mouth, where his shocked wife dialled 999.

The great-grandfather was taken to hospital where he was treated for severe bruising to his face.

The injuries to the face Brian suffered after the attack

The injuries to the face Brian suffered after the attack

Two teenagers – aged 17 and 14 – were arrested shortly afterwards but released without charge while investigations continue.

Talking about the sickening attack – which left him with facial bruising as well as other cuts and bruises – Mr Cox said: “About 15 of them came round and they were banging snowballs against the window.

“My wife went out to see what was happening and they threw snowballs at her.

“She is 70-years-old and she has had a heart attack before. It could have scared her to death.

“I went out and said: ‘You must feel really big and strong for doing that.’

“I’ve worked hard all of my life for this, but I am not going to sit here and be intimidated.

“But they didn’t seem to care, so I followed them a short way before they turned on me.

“I’m 75 years old this year, I’m not 21 anymore, and I went down when one of them head-butted me.

“I managed to stumble home but I was in agony.

“I don’t know if he has broken my cheek bone or anything yet.

“It is still swollen and I had lots of blood in my mouth afterwards. I haven’t been able to eat properly since and I’m taking painkillers every day.

“I did national service in 12 months in Yemen when I was younger and I never saw yobs like this over there.”

The couple, who have three children, 12 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren together, say they are now too scared to leave their home.

Joy, also a retired school caretaker, added: “I couldn’t believe it when he staggered back through the door.

“It beggars belief that these young lads could do this.

“It was terrifying when they throw the snowballs – it makes such a noise and I’m surprised the windows didn’t smash.

“We haven’t been able to sleep properly since. We’re scared to leave our home now.

“These kids have been running riot and nobody has done anything about it.

“And God knows what their parents think they are up to.”

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman confirmed officers attended the scene at 8.45pm.

Witnesses to the incident are urged to can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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