Payne in the grass: Royal Mail suspends deliveries to man with untidy garden

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Royal Mail has suspended deliveries to a man’s bungalow because the garden is so overgrown – it poses a health and safety risk.

Payne in the grass - Royal Mail suspends deliveries to bungalow

Kenneth Payne has not received any post for four months because bosses fear a postman could slip on the grass or be scratched by an overgrown bush.

The retired banker, 66, has lived in his bungalow for 25 years and claims this is the first time postmen have ever had problems with deliveries.

Divorced Kenneth, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, is now threatening legal action against Royal Mail.

Payne in the grass - Royal Mail suspends deliveries to bungalow

He said: ”I’ve lived here for 25 years and never had any difficulty getting in or out of the place or suffered any scratches en route or slipped on any grass as they’ve suggested might befall their postman.

”I gather it’s a health and safety issue as far as they are concerned.”

Kenneth has not received any letters or parcels at his home since June this year when the ban on deliveries was introduced.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, yesterday explained that he can understand both sides of the dispute.

He said: ”Kenneth is quite a sociable man but his garden is a bit overgrown in places and there is a big bush in front of the door.

”I think one of the postmen had a word with his superiors and they wrote to him telling him to get the bush clipped back.

”I have got my sympathies with the postmen because they are just trying to do their jobs but I also understand that Kenneth wants his mail.”

Payne in the grass - Royal Mail suspends deliveries to bungalow

Kenneth Payne described the situation as ”health and safety gone mad”.

He added: ”I appreciate that my front garden isn’t very well maintained but the letter box is perfectly accessible.

”I take offence at their gross impertinence in complaining at the state of my garden. As long as they can get to the letter box it’s none of their business.

”The post office has even admitted to me that they are afraid of their own workers. If someone gets scratched and sues them they could face thousands in litigation.

A spokesman for Royal Mail claimed that it is seeking ”an acceptable resolution” with Kenneth.

He said: ”We want to resume normal deliveries as soon as possible and will carry on looking for an acceptable resolution to this issue.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the time he took to complain and give the interview he could have cleared his garden, problem solved… ridiculous!

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