Parents furious at Disney’s Frozen t-shirt showing Esla ‘flicking the v-sign’

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Furious parents are demanding an official Frozen T-shirt is recalled over claims it is encouraging youngsters to SWEAR – after it appears to show Elsa flicking the V-sign.

The Disney character features on millions of items of merchandise, including clothes and stationary, making the unfortunate pose with her left hand.

The £9.99 long-sleeved T-shirts are currently on sale in high street clothes store H&M.

An image of Disney's Elsa from the animated film Frozen, on a t-shirt which has upset some parents

An image of Disney’s Elsa from the animated film Frozen, on a t-shirt which has upset some parents

But outraged mums and dads are now demanding the product is recalled saying it encourages rude behaviour by youngsters who imitate their favourite character.

The row has also caused a storm on social media with parents around the world raising concerns about Elsa’s apparent V-sign gesture.

Mum-of-two Jacqui Williams, 40, from Warwick, said: “I waited ages to get my hands on an Elsa top for my daughter Daisy but when she put it on I was shocked.

“At almost every angle you look at the T-shirt, Elsa is doing a V-sign. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but it is unfortunate.

“I didn’t mind at first but then I saw Daisy copying the pose with her friends. I had to tell them to stop doing it because if they do it at school they might get into trouble.

“I’ve written to H&M raising my concerns but I haven’t heard anything back yet.”

Parents have also expressed their worries about the T-shirt online.

On user Kathan16 said: “I took my 4-yr-old daughter to her friend’s birthday party at the wkend and was shocked when all the kids were given Frozen T-shirts from H&M which made it look like Elsa was doing a rude v-sign.

“I wouldn’t have minded by some of the kids started copying the pose and soon the room was full of kids flicking the vs to their parents!”

Twitter user JoJo4 in Los Angeles added: “Elsa seriously got bad, swearing at fans. That’s cold. Let it go girl.”

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