Parents furious after Next sells baby grows covered in PENIS drawings

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Fashion chain Next has removed a baby grow from sale – after customers noticed it was covered in PENIS drawings.

Shane Gallivan, 23, was feeding twin daughters Evelyn and Amelia when he noticed something was amiss in the ‘washing line’ design.

Next has admitted that a drawing of a jumper hanging over a washing line ended up looking like a penis because of a miss-print.

Shane’s wife Carla, 24, said: “He was feeding my daughter when he suddenly said ‘oh my god’. He looked at the baby grow and noticed the trousers were covered in penises.

“At first I thought it must just be a mistake, but I looked and there are lots of different ones all over it.

“It just looks like the designer was having a laugh and no one spotted it. I was angry because it’s not the kind of thing you should be dressing a baby in.”

Insurance worker Carla and Shane, of Bulwell, Notts., were given a pack of the baby grows as a present four months ago but only recently noticed the design flaw.

But they are now refusing to dress their 10-month-old daughters in them.

Carla said: “We aren’t going to keep it and keep dressing the girls in it.

“I think what makes it all worse is that I have dressed two girls in it, not just that I put it on a baby.

“The girls were wearing it for weeks before we noticed. We don’t tend to look in depth at the clothes.

“We just thought it was a cute, nice baby grow with washing line with clothes and socks on it, but then we saw this.

“Once you notice it, it is unmistakeable.”

A spokesperson for Next said the offending design was pulled from shelves after they received another complaint about the item.

In a statement, the store said: “We were shocked by the image that ended up on one of our sleepsuits.

“The offending part of the design started life as an upside down jumper with a neck binding and placket with buttons (hanging on the washing line), but unfortunately has been over simplified by the printer and has unintentionally become something else.

“This is an innocent mistake that had not been picked up in the approval process. As it was inappropriate we made the decision to withdraw this item from sale as soon as it was bought to our attention earlier this year.”

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