Paedophile-naming website gets 100,000 hits in first day

November 10, 2010 | by | 32 Comments

An internet vigilante’s online national database which names and shames paedophiles received 100,000 hits to his website – on the first DAY.

Paedophile-naming website gets 100,000 hits in first day

Campaigner Chris Wittwer, 35, posted names, pictures and details of sex offenders across Britain on his site CHRIS (Children Have Rights In Society).

He spent ”every waking hour” for three years gathering police mugshots of registered sex offenders to compile the gallery of sex offenders.

The site, which allows anyone to see who has been convicted of a sexual assault in their area, went live on Tuesday night and has already received 100,000 hits.

It has been slammed by police who said the information may push paedophile rings underground as they move away from areas in a bid to conceal their identity.

There are also fears that vigilante groups may target those named and photographed for reprisals.

But Chris said he has had a ”fantastic response” from parents – who he believes have the right to know where registered paedophiles live.

Father-of two Chris said: ”We have had so many people getting in touch about the website and we have had some outstanding feedback.

”There has been a fantastic response and the way we are going we expect to get over a million hits in the first week.

”The website is not just about naming and shaming but also to provide support for all survivors of abuse. It has taken three years of research and another six months to get the site set up.

”I feel really proud. It’s quite an achievement and if it helps people spot sex offenders living in their area who are a known risk to children, I’ve done a good thing.”

Chris compiled details of convicted sex offenders by checking local newspapers and court records and from anonymous tip-offs.

The ex-Army chef, of Exminster, Devon, had previously tried to list paedophiles on a Facebook site, which was closed down by police.

But warehouse worker Chris was able to start again after showing he was not breaking any laws by presenting information already in the public domain.

The website is expected to receive in excess of one million hits in the first week after going online for the first time on Tuesday.

He says he will keep adding to his website until it features details of all all 180,000 convicted paedophiles in Britain.

Chris said: ”Child abuse is a problem in this country that nobody seems to want to tackle head on.

”I certainly don’t want to encourage or condone violence against these offenders, but people need to be aware of dangerous paedophiles living in their area.

”We are predicting so much traffic to the site that we needed to get a special server. It’s a massive project, but totally worthwhile.”

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said it already followed nationally recognised protocols to manage sex registered sex offenders, which had proved ”effective”.

He said: ”The open disclosure of the details of registered sex offenders, such as that on the CHRIS website, is not a process that Devon& Cornwall Police encourages.

”It is felt this disclosure may actually make it more difficult to manage these individuals, as they become reluctant to keep authorities updated with their living arrangements and they become more difficult to track and manage.

”The website as it stands is not breaking any laws as all the information has previously been published in the public domain.

”However, it is felt the collating and publishing of this material raises awareness of where these individuals are living and ultimately may inhibit people’s safety rather than protecting it – the offenders may seek to move on without updating authorities.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mixed feelings about this; I tend to agree with the police that this could force offenders underground where they cannot be monitored.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rubbish!! You haven’t got the message. This is the kind of thing the police always come up with. It’s a cover up for the fact they don’t really control these people anyway. How can they? Once they’re on the street do you really think they are under constant surveillance? Hardly. And why do you think convicted paedophiles would co-operate with the police anyway. The police are telling you they are NOT in control of offenders and you didn’t get it. Paedophiles are not “forced” underground. They already live underground and always have.

  2. terri says:

    i think this what chris as done is dangerous not only for peadofiles but for the public as well and should be closed down. also i think chris himself should be investigated as been obsessed with peadofiles is not healthy i think there is something not right about him he is a convicted thug who broke a mans jaw an only became obsessed with this matter after spending time in tialand which is well known for its sex rings i think he as created this web site to avoid been detected himself why else would you come back from a sex trade country obsessed with finding peadofiles does he get some sort of kick out of what they have done to people an then get a further kick when he finds out they have been tourtured , batterd and murdered my opinon is bewear of the site an what you comment on it an also bewear of him as something just aint adding up about him

    • Simmo69er says:

      so is it not possible that Chris saw what was going on in other countries and decided he didn’t want it happening in his own to the people he cares about? I think you’re being pretty narrow sighted terri, and as for obsession, how do you know so much of Chris/ to me that says you want to know more of your enemy that knows of you.

    • Darreng2009 says:

      Maybe you should learn to spell simple words you dumbo.

    • Spam says:

      I am sure you are going too far to make such an implication but although I agree that access to such information may be valuable in the right hands I have also commented ( without your allegations which I think ae baseless and unwise  to make ) that I am disturbed by the lack of appropriate balance in such an individual vigilante action as Chris’s website…

      I am worried by its propensity to inflame ‘mob response’ to what is already a hyped topic in which reason is now almost disallowed in favour of an enforced universal ‘witch hunt’ style hatred. The issue is very broad, not simplistic. As a legal practitioner this action worries me, as do your comments which are likely to bring you condemnation.

  3. Chrissie says:

    This site will hopefully put off those who appear on his site from re-offending as we all know they do. Hopefully the police who don’t think its a good idea can convince the Courts to take more action on convicted abusers, as the website shows many have been let off with community service yet re-offended straight away. This is a response to the 100’000’s of people screaming for Justice (the victims) If any one has a better idea on how to deter pedophiles then maybe they should get on with it, until that happens this is a good and brave enough start.

    • Uffda Elfda says:

      i’m not so sure it’s the victims that are screaming for justice, as much as their parents.
      Most victims of rape just want to move on with their lives and try to forget the experience– especially children.

      • been there says:

        thats not true i myself am a survior and still have nightmares and trouble withrelationships and my daughter was raped and is pregnant , and that dude jumped bail and raped 6 others ,so tell me how she gets to ove on , you are very mistaken , and unless yo have been there andhad happen to you , youshould just SHUT UP !!! i wish someone would hae done his when it happened to me. thank ou to chris

  4. Don says:

    Well done Chris. It is an unfortunate fact that politicians. police, courts and media throughout the UK have been soft on paedophiles for far too long.

  5. Silent_silence_ says:

    How about adding in a section for convicted priests! good luck finding the details

  6. Redwingck08 says:

    Great Job. Something has to be done to protect children.

  7. Pattymcgoodrich says:


  8. Kristine1963 says:


  9. anon says:

    All I can say is thanks Chris the man that raped my daughter is up there. Pity there is no picture tho’

  10. Nell says:

    If you really want to find the root of all of this you have to start at the Vatican and their history. To learn more go to

  11. Babykins says:

    TOP MAN!!!

  12. Stephanie Blatt says:

    Robert Jacobs Philadelphia (Strunk vs. Jacobs).

  13. Mheckman13 says:

    I wonder if the aforementioned “terri” is in fact one of the pedophiles. It is classic behaviour for a ped to place the blame on others.

  14. stephblatt says:

    It is a classical problem with sociopaths to put the blame on others and to also project.

  15. stephblatt says:

    If you can google an archive of the Inquirer Magazine’s article dated June 28, 1998. The story on “The Stalker” is our torment about a pedophile and what we went through for 3 years.

  16. Chachie032 says:

    I think what Chris has done is excellent. I as a parent want to know who lives next door, down the road or is in anyway involved with my children. I want to know if my children are riding their bikes right past a pedos home. I have the RIGHT TO KNOW.
    I did some research for my surrounding area and found that there are 5 pedos within a 10 mile radius of my home. They are all registered but if we have 5 registered, how many unregistered offenders are within the same radius??
    I want my children to be as protected as I can protect them. There is some horrific crap going on out there and if I have the means to find out who or what my neighbors are, your damn skippy Im going to do it.
    And as for you Terri, I sure hope you dont have any kids because it sounds like you are super paranoid. Do you seriously think someone is going to put their name out there like that?? Especially for something as serious as this?? I think not because Chris has just exposed himself to the world. Not only has he exposed himself, but he has pretty much thrown his family out there too. Another thing, you dont know the story of what happened for him to have been put in prison. Someone could have been trying to mess with one of his kids. Just sayin, if that was the reason, the man would have more than a broken jaw by the time I was done with him because honestly, I would not hesitate to kill any sonofabitch that ever lay hands on my children. Come on Terri, get real and think about this shit. You sound like a paranoid pothead to me, maybe somebody needs to run a check on you. Just my opinion and Im just sayin..
    Kudos to you Chris and keep up the excellent work.

  17. Freedom says:

    Just had this link posted on my FB website, I think this is a fantastic opportunity for parents to be informed. It seems these people have more rights than our children are ever given. People have the right to protect their kids! I bet the police who have access to this information use this information to inform their friends and family’s of people like this! Double standards if you ask me.

  18. Jodie Shorty Courtney says:

    i think it great wot ur doing, keep it up chris your saving children from these monsters x

  19. Spam says:

    ‘He spent ”every waking hour” for three years gathering police mugshots of registered sex offenders to compile the gallery of sex offenders.’

    I think this is dangerous obsession… one wonders at the mentality of someone who has no other life than to do this….a dubious example of vigilantism and paranoia without a sense of adequate balance

  20. theresa hill says:

    My ex-husband (1 year married) raped my 6yr old grandson and only got 6 year prison sentence of which he got 3 years off because he admitted it.  He will probably be out next October.  This has devasted my family.  These people do not deserve to walk the face of the earth.  

    • kaybott says:

      He should of got life raping of child they didn.t ask be born so men’s should nt do horrible. Things like that .aman rapes children’s want put behind. Bar for life thanku

  21. Jump says:

    Good, let every one be afraid of there neighbour. Paranoir is healthy kinda I mean everyone is a pedo in his or her own little way, teachers, doctors, gyno’s etc, there is no escape hahahaha, welcome to the pedoworld.

  22. Robbie Cuthbertson says:

    Your work is superb I take my hat off to you. I was brought up on a council   estate in Glasgow and when a peedo was found out there residence would get petrol bombed the nasty sort with sugar in. That is not even enough punishment for those horrible nasty twisted human beings. Cheers Robbie

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