Overweight football coach wins a bet with William Hill after losing six stone in ten months

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A tubby footie coach put his money where his mouth is and won a bet with a bookmakers – by losing six stone in ten months.

Football manager Martin McConachie, 45, placed £50 at William Hill that he could shed the pounds – at 20-1.

He managed to reach his target on the last day of his challenge with just HOURS to spare.

Martin had tipped the scales at  22st 10lbs which he put down to a lack of willpower and bad lifestyle.

He used to have an unhealthy diet – and once even scooped a 500 bet by scoffing 48 Kit Kats in a day.

But after four calorie-burning workouts per week at his gym including running, cycling, rowing and cross-training, Mr McConachie now weighs 16st 9lbs.

William Hill handed him a cheque for £1,000 – which he will use to buy his team a new kit.

The dad-of-two, of Bristol, said: “To hit my target felt brilliant, but it was also sheer relief.

“I  started off flying losing 4st in 27 weeks but for the next eight weeks I don’t know what was wrong.

“I lost, put on, lost, put on and stayed about the same overall so with nine weeks to go I still had 2st to lose.

“By the final day of the challenge I was still 1lb over. I skipped dinner, went out for a long walk, but I just couldn’t shift this pound.

“I went out and started walking round the football pitch behind my house, then I started running round it.

“It was horrible weather but I ended up doing 15 laps in about 45 minutes. I went back to Boots to weigh myself again and I’d done it by 1lb.

“What I don’t understand is that I was 6ft 4ins tall when I started, but I’ve lost half an inch somehow.”

The side Mr McConachie manages, Deerswood Youth Colts in Kingswood, won the fourth division of the Avon Youth under-12s league last season and were promoted to third tier.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: “It is a great effort and we’re very pleased for him.

“Martin is one of the biggest losers of weight we’ve ever had and he should be very proud.”

In 1999, he wagered that he could eat 48 Kit Kats in a day, scooping £500 at 10/1 from the same bookmakers.

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