Online advice service for women launches crowdfunding bid for £50k

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An online advisory service that connects women to professionals around the world has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000. allows users to have virtual consultations with experts from a range of areas including health, fitness and finance.

Founder Gisa Ellis believes the site can transform the way that women seek out professional advice.

She is hoping to raise a minimum of £50,000 to kick-start the launch campaign and fund ongoing marketing and promotional activity, as well as platform developments and improvements.

Gisa said: ‘At this early soft launch stage, our focus is all about raising awareness of the platform amongst professionals and women and recruiting people to join. The crowdfunding investment will enable us to accelerate our marketing efforts, fund much-needed staff, and help us to reach that all-important critical mass quickly.

‘We’re looking for investors who believe in our vision and want to empower women to take positive choices and create a beautiful life. We want to offer generous returns to people who purchase shares in the future and because we’re part of the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, investors can benefit from income tax advantages in the first year.’

Gisa Ellis explained that the concept for Gilvah is based on her vision to use available technology to make professional, personalised advice available and accessible to all women across the world.

She added: ‘As women, we juggle many responsibilities. We lead busy lives and this can make it tricky to commit to meeting with a professional on a regular basis – especially if you have to travel to their workplace.

‘As a result, far too many women go without the trusted support, which could help them make positive changes in their lives. I see as the natural next step for women who want to work one-to-one with a professional, but can’t find or make the time to meet an expert locally.

‘By using the platform to book a virtual consultation, women are no longer constrained by geography or 9-5 appointment times. Instead, they can benefit from the expertise of professionals in different countries and different time zones, and receive trusted advice in their own homes. In short, is ready to empower ambitious women and help them create a beautiful life.’

Users looking for advice can join and network on the platform for free, whilst experts can join the professional database at an early bird rate.

Once registered, professionals can upload their profile and digital files and use the platform to avoid the administrative burden often associated with virtual consulting. With the Gilvah software seamlessly handling the bookings, email reminders, and invoicing, professionals can grow their business and promote their services to a global client base of women who are proactively seeking expert advice.

Gisa said: ‘It’s early days, but I’m excited at the response of the women I’ve spoken with and the enthusiasm from the professionals who’ve already joined the database. I’m excited to invite investors who share my vision and feel confident that we have the plans and processes in place to deliver a profitable return.’

To invest in via the Crowd for Angels crowdfunding platform, simply visit

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