Old Fashioned Bathrooms: Facts, Figures & Relaxation

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BATHInterior design trends across 2015 and even the last six months seem to have followed a popular pattern with more and more householders investing time and effort into creating a traditional/retro style home.

Whilst modern themes continue to thrive, seemingly, overall, shabby chic and the ‘old fashioned feel’ is well and truly in. Today we are looking at the bathroom, its amenities and how the ultimate traditional look is achieved. Our glamorous assistant is online retailer, Old Fashioned Bathrooms. If you have not yet visited their website, we highly recommend taking a peek. Suites found here certainly prove thought provoking when it comes to a re-vamp.

First things first, let’s give you some stats. With clipboard at the ready, research complete and maths down on paper (workings out shown), you may be surprised to learn that on average a male will spend a total of 2 years and 125 days in the bathroom. The total for females was found to be slightly less at 2 years and just 40 days. That’s a lot of bathroom time and once you have finished absorbing these numbers we would encourage you to read on…

Let’s dive into the dynamics. It’s been a long day. You have been half a dozen different people including parent, colleague, friend, problem solver, tea maker and cleaner (tip of the iceberg). By 9pm the only real sensible and often necessary option left is to bathe. A traditional style would suggest this relaxing activity is undertaken by submerging oneself in the inviting warmth of a freestanding bath. The cast iron traditional style bath is nothing short of stunning, offering not only the perfect solution to a weary day but a throwback look to be envied. Cast iron feet provide sophistication to any traditional style; the kind of image that when you stand back to adopt admiration, a small and comforting gasp of air escapes the mouth – you know the one we mean.

BATH2Your bath is coming to an end. The water is starting to cool and it’s time to reach out for a large, white, soft towel – there’s nothing better, especially knowing sleep is imminent. What makes this next stage of the bathing experience even more treasured is stepping out to an already warmed towel. Achieve this and the traditional look with a Victorian style towel warmer. Chrome finished and a stunning white radiator, it becomes another ‘gasp of air moment’. Wrapping yourself in said warm towel and drying takes approximately 88 days of our average lifespan, so make it count!

BATH3Bath complete, drying executed, the next stage is to embark on the bathroom to bedroom journey in order to prepare for a peaceful slumber. And what interior style will you be going to sleep in……? We hope it’s traditional.

Old Fashioned Bathrooms offer stunning traditional styled solutions and own the knowledge and experience to back this up. If you are thinking of investing in something new yet old (see what we did there), it’s highly recommended you take a look.

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