Office couple wed – after meeting on dating website

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A couple have got married after meeting on an internet dating agency website without realising they – WORKED together.

Lucky Hazel Carter, 32, and Dominic Green, 35, were united on before they realised they are employed at the same school.

Hazel, an IT teacher, joined the dating website after starting a job in a new area and typed in her idea of a perfect partner.

The agency suggested Dominic could be her ideal man and after looking at his pictures she fancied him and got in touch.

Incredibly Dominic immediately recognised her because he works as a caretaker at the school she’d started at just days before.

He had seen her around the grounds and so sent her a cheeky message saying ”We’ll catch up at school tomorrow”.

Dominic refused to reveal who exactly he was and the next day Hazel was unaware which member of staff she had met on-line.

But after plucking up the courage Dominic asked her out and they later married and are now expecting their first child.

Hazel, of Tiverton, Devon, said: ”I didn’t know anyone and was feeling optimistic that if I didn’t find love, at least I would make some friends out of it.

”I saw a picture of this guy with rather large muscles and wearing a wetsuit down to his waist. My instant though was ‘hello Mr Cutey’.

”Within minutes of sending the email I received a cryptic reply saying we would catch up at school the next day. I couldn’t picture who this guy was.”

The couple met shortly after Hazel started work at South Molton Community College in Devon at the start of term in September 2009.

The day after they met on the dating agency Dominic approached her at school and revealed himself to be the man she’d met on line.

Hazel said: ”We ended up chatting for ages and really hit it off. We arranged our first date there and then – to go for a walk and pub lunch. The rest is history.”

Dom said he had joined the site a year before but after a series of unsuccessful first dates he was about to cancel his subscription.

He said: ”Hazel’s email stood out instantly as it showed confidence and sounded fun and as soon as I checked out her profile I realised who she was.”

Dom proposed on Valentine’s Day this year and after marrying in the summer they have now returned from their honeymoon in the Baltic Islands.

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