Not-so-cheaper by the dozen: family of 12’s £95k benefits

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A scrounging family-of-12 who rake in a staggering £100,000 year in benefits have been re-homed in a £1,000 a week four bedroom house – after trashing the last one.

Jobless Sam, 36, and Pete Smith, 40, have been given the new house in Bristol to house their feral brood of 10.

The family were kicked out of their previous four-bedroom home in picturesque Bath after a £20,000 wrecking spree left it unfit for human habitation.

It was left in such a foul state that children’s’ mattresses and walls were stained with human and animal excrement, floors were mouldy and rat droppings littered the floor.

But instead of being reprimanded, the couple were housed in a five-bedroom house in nearby Bristol – which they have already set about trashing.

And yesterday, the country’s shambolic benefits system was again laid bare as it emerged the Smith’s trouser a staggering £44,824 a year in benefits alone.

On top of that, their £960 a week rent is also paid, which is so high because their breakfast is delivered every day.

The annual rent tops £49,920 – meaning their total cost to the taxpayer is an incredible £94,744.

The list of handouts include:

£140 a week child benefits

£120 a week disability living allowance

£250 a month carers allowance for Peter

£527 a week in tax credits

£30 every fortnight for income support.

This does not include the £960 A WEEK rent for their new five-bedroom house, which includes breakfast delivered daily to their door.

But mum-of-ten Sam – who hasn’t worked in over a decade – has COMPLAINED her current home is not big enough and her family is not given enough financial help.

She also whinged the family has to prepare their own breakfast, which is delivered to their doorstep for free.

Obese Sam said: ”It’s very cramped in the new house. We have four bedrooms with bunkbeds for the kids and that’s it.

”We’ve been told we might not be given a new house for another nine months, which is ridiculous.

”We do get breakfast delivered but sometimes we have to ring them to remind them and it’s not like proper hot food.

”It’s usually beans, tinned tomatoes and cereal, which isn’t really enough for us all.”

The couple have systematically trashed up to nine houses across the South West since Pete quit the army in 2001.

Since then, neither have had jobs and have given birth to seven of their ten children, pocketing tens of thousands of taxpayers cash.

They were moved into the new home in Kingswood, Bristol three weeks ago by Bath and North Somerset Council after their last one in Bath was no longer considered fit for human habitation.

Sam, who was registered disabled in 2001 with a bad back, even whined they could only afford one games console to entertain her ten kids.

She added: ”Obviously, Shannon is 14 now and needs her own space. We need a bigger place so she can have her own room.

”We’ve had to put our four cats and a baby kitten in the cattery because we can’t have them here and we have to pay £100 a week for that, which isn’t really fair.

”We had to put our stuff into storage so that’s cost as well.

”Pete quit the army to look after me.

”It’s not really that much money that we get. It’s certainly not enough for all of us.

”The council is trying to find somewhere for us but a four bedroom isn’t big enough and they say they don’t have much more.

”We need a five bedroom minimum. We’ve tried housing associations and they turn their noses up at us because we have so many kids, which isn’t fair.

”We are sitting here waiting while they find us somewhere else for us.

”The benefits aren’t much. By the time we have to pay for food and clothes and electricity we don’t have much left.

”It’s tough because we don’t even have a TV here. We have no ariel and the kids only have one Nintendo Wii between them.”

Social services visited their Bath home in December 2009 and January and March this year after receiving reports they were living in filth and squalor.

When officers investigated, they were stunned to be confronted by filthy mattresses and human and animal excrement covering the floor and walls.

But amazingly, the landlord of the property, who admitted he had not visited the house in years, was ordered to clean up the house.

He immediately evicted the ‘parasites’ and has since had to fork out £25,000 on renovating the house to make it fit for human habitation.

Former landlord Abdullah Khateeb, 60, from Bath, said: ”When they moved in they had five children. By the time they left four years later it had doubled to ten – and they wanted more.

”The place was disgusting. There was there own faeces and that of their cats all over their beds, which were just grotty mattresses lying on the floor.

”It’s a miracle the youngsters aren’t ill, the house was so dirty. It’s not fair on the children, they don’t deserve to live like this.

”I’ve never seen anything like it. It made me want to be sick. The council later told me the family were known to them and had trashed eight or nine houses before mine.

”It seems they are like parasites moving from one place to the next, before destroying it and moving on.

”The benefits system is to blame. This family are on huge benefits and move from one place to the next trashing the houses while they have everything paid for them.

”It’s not right. But while they are given this money, they will continue to do the same. They just have no idea about how to live and look after children.”

Their current Bristol home is less than a mile from family-of-12 the Bateman’s – who hit the headlines earlier this month after complaining they needed a bigger house.

Yesterday, Pete said his situation mirrored that of the Bateman’s and even had the cheek to argue that family’s like his were VICTIMS.

He said: ”Just because we have a big family we are not offered housing big enough for our children.

”It’s not fair. The amount we are given isn’t really that much and I;m constantly having to rob Peter to pay Paul.”

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  1. A B says:

    Surely this is a simple one to resolve.

    They are clearly unfit parents. Instead of letting them destroy ever larger houses, the children should be taken into care in the hope that they can learn that this is not an acceptable way to live your life.

  2. TaxPayer says:

    Will somebody PLEASE think of the children?

    On a further note, castrate the dad.

  3. Jjjk says:

    burn them

  4. Persie202 says:

    Take them out the back and kill them all.

  5. o my dear lord, what is going on. The kids should not be allowed to stay with parents, they are clearly unfit to look after themselves as well as children. its a disgrace the government has let this go on, the father should have his willy nilly chopped off, and the obviously haven’t got much wrong with them for claiming carers allowance if the can keep populating the way they are. not just that there are family’s out there really struggling to make ends meet and we have the lokes of two selfish parents like that in our society. CUT HIS WILLY OFF

  6. Guest1 says:

    this is why we are in so much debt, so many scrounging losers who dont give anything back to this country.

  7. geust says:

    saldy i knew these people and non stoped moaned how they have no money, what makes m e sick is that shes living the high life doing buger all nd gets he husband to do it all the kids have black feet and not many clothes but the clothes they do have is from a charity shop they have sky put in and a flat screen t.v in there living room she has baught 10 diferent iphones she has 3 herself 1 for kids 2 for privet life and 3 fr her husband she has bauht blackberrys ipads ect and still they make there children drink out of the tap n the bathroom with dirt water and makes then eat little amouts of old rusty plates that r unclean she shoudnt deserve children and yet she calls me deluded. She is planning to have another baby but yet shes disabled shes a joke now shes trying to claim dla for her so called adhd chilled but yet when i saw him he was fine when i questiond the parents they replied and i quot “he puts it on being nice” and how i recall adhd meens you cant help yourself these people are frauds now i admit i do not work but i am in collage and thats the only way i can afford y one bedroom flat witch is 550 a month. And september sa will be going back to collage in bath to do hair and beuty and geus whos paying for that . TAX PAYERS, this is were we fell out because i refuse to look after her 10 children when she goes of to do hair and beauty. She shames people who seriously do struggle those children deserve a better quality life not that.

  8. geust says:

    also they have 6 cats in a cattery 3 rabbits 2 guiny pigs hamsters mice and baught an expencive fish tank and there not allowd pet indoors and certenly not allowd that many 

  9. Simon125 says:


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