newsagent’s hilarious video of seagulls browsing the aisles and stealing peanuts from his store

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This is the hilarious moment a frustrated newsagent chased a peanut-thieving seagull out of his store.

Newsagent Zaman Iqbal posted a series of videos to his Facebook account after the repeat offender kept trying to steal from his shop.

The videos show the aerial thief casually stroll through the doors of Sweet News store, in Aberdeen, and sneak about the aisles looking for its favourite snacks.

It then decides on a packet of nuts and proceeds to try and tear them open on the shop floor in front of the bemused staff.

Sweet News convenience store in Aberdeen, who have a problem with shop lifting seagulls (SWNS Group)

Sweet News convenience store in Aberdeen, who have a problem with shop lifting seagulls (SWNS Group)

Zaman then takes measures into his own hands and chases the feathery thief back out of the shop, shouting: “Oi, you. Get out of my shop.”

Zaman, 24, who has run the store for two years, yesterday (Fri) said: “We do get seagulls quite often trying to come into the store, but we try to scare them away and keep them out.

“Because we’re a 24-hour store we’re open through the night. We often have drunk people and junkies dropping food outside causing them all to swarm outside the shop.

“Sometimes one will come in looking for more food and we have to make them buzz off.
SCT_HEMEDIA_SEAGULL_SHOPLIFTER_060216218“One day we had a seagull come in after a delivery man brought in a crate of butteries. He’d left the top of the box open next to the till.

“The gull was on top of the till picking away at the butteries so we had to throw them all out.

“They seem to just keep trying to steal every time they come back in. I’ve seen them fly down and steal chips straight out of peoples’ hands. The seagulls here are crazy.”

It is not the first time seagulls have invaded Aberdeen shops as in 2007 a gull named Sam became famous for stealing packets of Doritos from RS McColl in Castlegate and eating them outside the store.

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