NBA All-Star Weekend celebrity game preview

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Double MVP Kevin Hart will be in on the action at the NBA All-star Weekend celebrity game

Double MVP Kevin Hart will be in on the action at the NBA All-star Weekend celebrity game

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day? For some, February 14th will mean a long wait for a table at a busy restaurant, a last minute trip to the supermarket for chocolates and roses or perhaps just an evening alone, at home, with only a tub of Ben & Jerry’s for company.

For some of the best loved celebrities in the United States of America however, Valentine’s Day 2014 will take on a far more interesting complexion, as the day they get to take part in the NBA All-Star Weekend.

NBA All-Star Weekend games have been taking place since back in 2004. The range of big names to have taken to the court since then has been staggeringly varied and impressive, from the world’s greatest ever sprinter Usain Bolt to divisive auburn-haired stand-up Carrot Top.

Even the young Canadian pop star and budding criminal Justin Bieber put in a shift in the 2011 game, impressively taking the accolade of MVP for that particular contest.

Who’s on the court in 2014?

2014’s New Orleans edition of the NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game will see a typically intriguing mix of celebs taking to the court and shooting some hoops. Double MVP Kevin Hart will be in on the action, along with the philanthropic actress and Victoria’s Secret stunner Erin Heatherton; America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon will be in the fray; Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams is set to feature, along with E! News anchor Terrence Jenkins and a host of other glitzy names.

Actor/comedian Kevin Hart has already won MVP twice in celebrity basketball encounters, so you sense that of all the players lining up, success will mean the most to the funny man.

Reports abound that he’ll face some stern opposition from Arne Duncan, whilst Kristen Ledlow has already shown us she can shoot when she appeared on TNT’s Inside the NBA.

Why is this game good for basketball in general?

NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Matches are good for the game of basketball in general as they give the sport an airing in front of new audiences. As far as adult fans are concerned, events such as the Superbowl and the baseball World Series can distract punters’ attention from basketball, with advertising and betting revenue suffering as a result.

Thanks to this celebrity contest, NBA advertising and NBA gambling get a boost. Meanwhile, the young fans of stars like Justin Bieber may never have tuned into a game before, but when they see their hero playing many will seriously consider following the sport more closely.

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