Navy officials appoint their latest guard dog… a four-month old PUPPY

March 13, 2014 | by | 1 Comment

Navy officials are barking orders at their latest recruit – a four-month old PUPPY deployed as a GUARD dog.

Roly was brought to work by one of the instructors at the HMS Raleigh training facility in Torpoint, Cornwall.

He proved such a hit with the men that MoD chiefs decided to let him stay – so long as he earns his keep.

Roly and his owner PO Iain Hammond

Roly and his owner PO Iain Hammond

The adorable springador, a cross between a springer spaniel and a labrador, was this week made an official guard dog for Triumph Squadron.

His sentry duties involve sniffing out trouble around HMS Havoc, a sinking ship simulator used to teach sailors vital skills for dealing with floods at sea.

Roly was born last November and is owned by Petty Officer Iain Hammond, a Navy veteran of 15 years.

He said: “Roly came to live with me and my family in January and I was given permission to bring him to work.

“The guys here love him to bits and keep bringing him in presents. He gets more attention here than at home.

“They wanted to adopt him as our mascot but the boss decided he needed to work for his keep – so he’s been given the title of honorary guard-dog.

“At the moment I think he causes more problems than he actually solves – but he’s still quite new to the job.

“The recruits love him too because I think it reminds them of their pets at home.”

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  1. Ed Caco says:

    Awesome! PO Hammond, PLEASE get Roly his own facebook page so we can follow his adventures in the Royal Navy. Ed-USA (I have a LabraDinger named MARCUS that could be his brother)

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