Naturists at nudist beach told to cover up after complaints about DOGGING

May 8, 2013 | by | 13 Comments

Property developers have ordered naturists at a popular nudist beach to cover up – after complaints it has become a hot-spot for DOGGING.

Stunning Polgaver Beach in Carlyon Bay, Cornwall, has been a haven for nudists for decades.

But a developer building beach-front homes says the secluded retreat is also being used by randy couples looking for exhibitionist sex.

Nudists frolic in the sea at a beach similar to Polgaver in Cornwall which has begun attracting fans of dogging

Nudists frolic in the sea at a beach similar to Polgaver in Cornwall which has begun attracting fans of dogging

Bathers have been now been ordered to cover up with a sign which reads: “Beachwear to be worn at all times”.

Commercial Estates Group (CEG), which is building a multi-million pound apartment complex near the beach, has also fenced off much of the dunes and surrounding bushes.

A spokesman for CEG insisted it had to take action after finding two naked men hiding in bushes.

He said: “Our aim is to ensure the beach is properly managed with the safety and wellbeing of visitors at the forefront of our minds.

“This has been done following discussions with the local police to help us deal with this antisocial behaviour.”

Devon and Cornwall Police says it is “monitoring” the beach but said it had not received any specific allegations.

Sergeant Paul Jones said: “It’s difficult to catch anybody in the act, so to speak, because it is so out of the way but we will continue to monitor and assist and advice where we can.”

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  1. Mark Iliff says:

    It’s difficult to catch exhibitionists in the act? Does not compute.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The developers should be told, in no uncertain terms, to **** right off. It is highly probable that they just do not want naturists there – it will “spoil” the development. Pure and unmitigated utter crap. You might as well say “We do not want people walking along the street. Some of them might commit a burglary”. Let the police deal with the doggers IF an offence is being committed. Meanwhile, let the developers shut right up.

  3. Rich Pasco says:

    Why punish the naturists? They’re not the ones having sex on the beach.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A Naturist beach means no clothes or are they just stupid. Only a few persons are involved. Put up warning sign if caught dogging will be prosecuted.

    The fact they were hiding in the bushes has no bearing on the general well behaved naturists, and any those involved are not true naturists

  5. Malcolm Boura says:

    They did not consult with British Narurism.
    Tthey are punishing the innocent. Experience shows that it will not stop the criminals.
    They did not consult with the National Trust. At Studland they dealt with the problem and the naturist area has been extended.
    They are encouraging the prudification of society with all the appalling consequences that follow from that.

    • Malcolm Boura says:

      Oops. That’s British Naturism.

      • Brutus says:

        “Prudification of society”? What a load of drivel!

        I am entirely sympathetic to nudists having their own beaches in secluded areas where they won’t bother anyone else. However, nudism is a specialist interest only and the attitudes of the wider society to nudity are our business.

        You call us “textiles” – well, you go and concern yourself with your particular interest group and leave us “textiles” to be as “prudish” as we like.

        • Freewill Blogger says:

          Unfortunately, while naturists tend to mind there own business on the crappy beaches designated to them. Clothed people seem to think they have given right to think they can poke their noses into naturists business. More often than not it is the “clothed people” who look at porn,ogle at a naked bodies at every given opportunity. It is nearly always those people who go dogging for their sexual kicks.

        • Anonymous says:

          A very small minded comment as though no one else should be allowed to exsist the way they wish I was born naked and so was everyone else and why should nudist be hidden away as though wrong what speciiaslist intrest group do we hide away next maybe we should hide other people away from site so not to spoil your life never mined there’s

  6. james says:

    It certainly sounds like the developer might just have a problem selling there property over looking a naturist beach..
    Beach was there first, no one asked them to build there!!
    Summer is coming and us true naturist will be there to help ensure bad behaviour is one of the past!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    this is disgraceful. I saw a punch-up in the street the other day. does this mean we should ban shoppers from using it?

  8. Bruce Kendall says:

    Swingers, doggers are not naturists. If I lived there or frequented that beach, I would take a nice bamboo switch and go out and thrash them good. What kind of people do such things?

    I think the naturists should patrol the area and clean it up themselves, as no one else is going to do it.

    Naturists stand up for your rights and and do some house cleaning (or beach cleaning). Show that you will not tolerate such activities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should naturists patrol the beach it’s a job for the police. Oh no I forgot they’re to busy penalising motorists.

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