Naked man spotted on Google Street View

November 22, 2010 | by | 1 Comment

An unassuming German has become the butt of internet jokes after being photographed on Google Street View – appearing to be NAKED.

Naked man spotted on Google Street View

The mysterious male was pictured in the boot of a converted Mercedes in an affluent area of Mannheim, south-west Germany.

As he sits in the boot, a dog appears to lay lifeless on the driveway nearby the contents of the sports car.

It’s unknown whether the man is sporting a pair of tight, skin-coloured shorts but a number of theories have been raised about the bizarre situation.

One Internet user told the CNET website he thought it was just “an illusion” with the man wearing shorts and fixing the brake light on the Mercedes while the dog was just basking in sun.

Another user joked it was an elaborate Halloween joke that backfired with the naked male having been stuck in the car’s trunk for three weeks after getting drunk on the liquid located on the ground.

The story behind the surreal situation is unknown and Google has removed the image from its Street View website.

It’s not the first time a Google Street View image has provoked debate. In August a photo emerged of what appeared to be a dead schoolgirl laying on the side of the road in Worcester.

However, it turned out to be ten-year-old Azura Beebeejaun who was lying down playing dead with her friends.

Earlier this month we revealed the story of Bob Mewse – a morbidly obese man who lost seven stone after he saw himself on Google Street View.

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  1. Bunnikins says:

    Simple. The man in the car boot has murdered his dog and is going to commit suicide in remorse by suffocating himself. Strange people, the Germans.

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