Murdered businessman “had it coming”

April 11, 2011 | by

Former colleagues of shot businessman Ray Masters today claimed he “had it coming” after racking up a string of bad debts and failed companies.

Murdered businessman had it coming

The investor had been director of at least a dozen companies in recent years, including managing director at prison van security firm Reliance Custodial Services.

His most recent positions were given as a ”consultant” and ”business investor” at Swanlux Estates Ltd in Cheddar and Wells Holiday Park Ltd.

One builder who carried out work for Mr Masters said he is owed close to £100,000 by him and is taking legal action to recover the debt.

The small business owner carried out work on Mr Masters’ home, caravan park and built houses for him 18 months ago.

He was forced to remortgage his home was was due to face Mr Masters in court.

The man – who wishes to remain anonymous – said: ”There’s a list of people as long as your arm of people who have had dealings with him and come out badly.

”I have had to remortgage and we have been fighting our case with him.

”I know there have been other people and businesses that have suffered as well due to the manner of his work.

”He owed me close to £100,000 and I would imagine there are bigger fish trying to get money out of him too.”

A former colleague, who did not want to be named, said: ”He was a bit of a rogue.

”I know a lot of people that if you say the name Ray Masters – they will spit on the floor.

”He used to buy into companies and then not pay any of the debt.

”If you ask me, he had this coming.”

Another man, who went into business with Mr Masters, said he had earned a poor reputation in local business community.

They said: ”I’m not surprised at all by this. He has conned a lot of people.

”I went into business with him and he duped me too. And there’s dozens more like me.


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  1. JanetThomas364 says:

    How do you dare to comment on Ray, He was the kindest most thoughfulpesron, don’t slate him off now he is gone My family love him shame on you!

    Janet & Nina Thomas

    • MisterReality says:

      With the greatest respect to your own personal views, perhaps you ought to go and talk to the many people, who’s lives have been very negatively affected as a result of business dealings with Mr Masters. I think you’ll find that he was not a very honourable business person and appears to have made a great deal of money by exploiting small businesses and his own associates. I believe there are many people who rue the day that they ever got involved with him. It’s very easy to appear to be a pillar of the community, when the community has no knowledge of one’s business conduct.