Mum Vows To Never Buy Weetabix Again After Finding Beetle In Toddler’s Breakfast

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A furious mum has vowed to never buy Weetabix again after finding a dead BEETLE in her daughter's breakfast

A furious mum has vowed to never buy Weetabix again after finding a dead BEETLE in her daughter’s breakfast

A furious mum has vowed to never buy Weetabix again after finding a dead BEETLE in her daughter’s breakfast.

Lian Bowling, 25, was feeding her one-year-old Amelia Hudson Weetabix Organic when she made the grim discovery – a bright red-coloured beetle floating in the milk.

The mother-of-one was concerned that if she hadn’t spotted the bug in the wheat-based cereal – then she might have spoon-fed it to Amelia by accident.

Disgruntled Lian says she wants more to be done from the company as she labelled the classic cereal brand “too organic” after sieving out the bug.


Lian, of Goole, East Yorks., said: “It’s just shocking – I double looked at it thinking it was a bug shaped grain of wheat.

“I then picked it out with Amelia’s spoon and saw it had legs and antennas – it was disgusting.

“I felt sick because as a family we all have Weetabix – then I put the rest of it in the bid and got her some porridge.”

Adding: “I knew it was organic – but not that organic it has insects inside it.”

Lian, who works as a holiday sales consultant, had broken one of the bars of wheat in half and placed it in a bowl while pouring milk on the cereal so it could soak in.

But after sitting down to feed her daughter her favourite breakfast dish – she found the red insect floating in the milk inbetween the pieces of mushed up wheat.

Lian Bowling, 25

Lian Bowling, 25

Lian, who has been feeding Amelia a mix-up between porridge and Weetabix for six months, said she was shocked by the discovery after the youngster had finally adapted to the cereal.

Speaking about her daughter’s favourite, Lian said: “It took some persistence as babies don’t tend to like the texture, but I kept introducing it as I knew the health benefits in Weetabix and now she loves it.

“She’s had their products since she was six months old and I have often through my life – it makes me feel sick.

“But I won’t be getting it again that’s for sure.”

Lian’s partner Danny Hudson, 31, and her eight-year-old step-son Ashton Hudson, all feel like they can no longer eat the breakfast classic following her discovery.


After posting pictures of the find to their Facebook page, Weetabix commented on Lian’s post to ask her to provide them with the batch number on the box.

She followed the instructions – but is yet to hear back from the company’s customer services team.

Lian, who said she struggled to contact Weetabix to report the problem, added: “I’m very unhappy with the response from Weetabix too.

“I believe it [finding a beetle] breaks some sort of trust you have in them to provide quality goods and I don’t know if I’ll ever buy their products again.”

She added: “I also hate that they’ve replied to me publicly infront of everyone and nothing via email – which is in private.”

Weetabix have been contacted and said they were looking into the issue.

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