Mum-of-five stuns doctors with mystery rash that has turned her into THE FLY

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A mum-of-five is baffling doctors with a mystery rash she says has turned her into – THE FLY.

Corriann Brown, 32, woke six weeks ago to find her face and neck inflamed and covered by an itchy red-raw rash.

Four days later she went to her GP who gave her antibiotics and cream thinking it was an allergy which had become infected.

Corriann Brown, 32, with the rash on her face that she says has turned her into The Fly

Corriann Brown, 32, with the rash on her face that she says has turned her into The Fly  monster from the 1986 Jeff Goldblum horror film

But just days later Corriann returned to the surgery in agonising pain as the rash was spreading and getting worse.

She started wearing gloves to stop scratching herself and told a medic she felt like the ‘Fly’ monster from the 1986 Jeff Goldblum horror film.

Corriann was referred straight to A&E but medics admitted they had no idea what is causing the painful breakout.

The full-time mum from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, now has to apply cream every 15 minutes and take high-strength antihistamine tablets to cope with the pain.

She is waiting to see a skin specialist and in the meantime has become housebound because she can’t face people staring at her.

Corriann before suffering the mystery reaction

Corriann before suffering the mystery reaction

Former care worker Corriann said: “When it was at its worst I would take the kids to school and I could see the parents looking – and the children are so honest.

“It was like that film The Fly, I feel I have no control over my body and I can’t make it better.

“I don’t want my life to be an episode of Embarrassing Bodies I want to look and feel normal again.

“My poor children are really worried about me and I worry other children will be cruel because mum looks scary.

“The pain has been horrendous and I just want to feel better. I feel like I have been pushed from pillar to post because nobody knows what is wrong.”

Corriann first noticed her rash when she woke up on April 25 and found her face and neck inflamed and itchy.

After four days of no improvement she went to visit her GP in Terrington St John, Norfolk and was prescribed 100 grams of dermol and steroid creams.

But the crippling infection spread across her cheeks, chin and forehead and then onto her arms and neck and nine days later she returned to the surgery.

She saw a different GP who was also unable to work what was wrong and prescribed a further 500 grams of dermol and hydrocortisone ointment.

Unfortunately the high-strength cream – which she was applying every 15 minutes to combat the pain – was causing the skin to thin and crack.

Coriann became short of breath on May 31 and was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn.

A doctor took swabs from her neck and ears and skin samples and prescribed a strong antihistamine tablet before she was released three days later.

Corriann’s partner lorry driver Richard Wallington, 33, is now steam-cleaning their home in a bid to remove possible causes of the rash.

She added: “We are still trying to be thorough so we can try to eliminate anything.

“I have no idea what has caused it, and although it appears to be getting better it is very worrying that doctors are completely clueless as to what it is.

“It has been crippling – the pain is horrendous and they only way to combat it is to sleep or sit on my hands.

“When I woke up and I was short of breath that was the final straw and I lost my temper with the doctors and begged them to do something.

“The biggest worry of all is not knowing what is wrong with me.

“I feel like I’m missing out on my children, I want to play with them in the lovely weather but I’m worried the sunlight will aggravate the condition.”

Corriann lives with her three children by her first marriage – Jacob,15, Emily, 10 and Nathaniel, seven – and the year-old twins Roxann and Eli she has with Richard.

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