Mum of child threatened by Muslim schoolboys: “I fear for his life”

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The mother of a teenager who received Facebook death threats from a gang of Muslim schoolboys today sobbed: ”I fear for his life if he goes back to class.”

Mum of teen threatened by Muslim schoolboys:

Terrified Darius Gill, 13, was threatened with knuckle dusters and knives in revenge for posting tributes to British troops on his Facebook page on Armistice Day.

A gang of pupils at Sidney Stringer Academy in Coventry – who call themselves the ‘Muslim Defence League’ – were outraged at Darius’ patriotism and vowed revenge.

Darius was pulled out of school on Monday by mum Clare Allington after she read the threats just hours before the planned attack.

Today Clare, 42, said: ”I will never let Darius go back to that school. I fear for his life if he goes back.

”The threats which were dangerous and terrifying, no child should have to put up with that treatment.

”Darius and I have had a long talk about it and we’ve both decided that he won’t be going back.

”I wouldn’t go back if I was him and I’d always be worrying if it happened again. Darius needs a fresh start.”

Trainee teacher Clare, who lives in a predominantly Muslim area of Coventry, now wants to move home fearing reprisals from Muslim extremists.

Mum of teen threatened by Muslim schoolboys:

She said: ”I have two children and I am on my own. I don’t know what these people are capable of.

”I am talking to the council about re-housing us because we are genuinely scared of reprisals.

”The majority of people around here are fantastic and we get on really well with our neighbours but after the awful threats on Facebook I have to take them seriously.”

Darius was targeted after he posted pictures of British troops on Facebook as a touching Armistice Day tribute.

At 9.02pm on November 11, he wrote: ”RIP TO ALL THE LADS WHO NEVER MADE IT HOME.”

But a group of fanatical classmates expressed outrage at his comments and after a flurry of MSN messages the gang arranged to ambush Darius at school on Monday.

One message – littered with spelling mistakes – said: ”Fight on Monday gonna be heavy knuckle dusters nd knifes hopefully I don’t die.”

His pal added: ”ill bang him ma slef am a terrorist.”

Mum of teen threatened by Muslim schoolboys:

One of the gang’s ringleaders is an Iraqi who posted a chilling picture of himself holding an AK47 rifle and has written a rap about hijacking a plane.

On November 12, at 1.26pm he wrote a poem which read: ”You better watch what the f**k flies outta ya mouth.

”Or I’ma hijack a plane and fly it into your house Burn your apartment with your family tied to the couch.

”And slit your throat, so when you scream, only blood comes out.”

Five Muslim boys and one white girl – all aged 12 – now face being expelled from the school where 65 per cent of pupils are Muslim.

Principal Wendy Tomes said: ”We are very disappointed that Darius has chosen not to return to the school.

”We can appreciate how upsetting this has all been and we are appalled by the behaviour of the students involved.

”All the students are being dealt with very seriously by the school but not all of the Facebook comments are Sidney Stringer students, some are from other schools or even young adults who are friends with some of our students.

”We have contacted all of our parents by text and sent letters to ask them to support us by being vigilant over Facebook and other social networking sites.”

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: ”The school has informed us of the incident.”

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  1. Aaaa says:

    “rip to all who didnt make it” whats wrong with supoorting the guys fighting for our freedom?