Mr Jaguar’s re-marque-able obsession with English car maker

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British motorist Ken Hall has been dubbed ‘Mr Jaguar’ after owning 80 models in the last 65 years and refusing to drive any other car.

Ken Hall has owned over 80 Jaguars

Enthusiastic Ken, 82, has been obsessed with the luxury motors ever since he bought his first Jaguar in 1946 aged 19.

He first chose the iconic cars because he is 5ft 3in tall and the high seats meant he could see over the bonnet.

Mr’s Jaguar’s cars: In pictures

Since then he has owned dozens of Jaguars and currently has 18 which he keeps in a purpose-built garage measuring 3,500 sq ft.

He has also filled his home with Jaguar merchandise and collectables – including paintings, prints, crockery, key rings and over 900 models and miniatures.

Ken, from Hayle in Cornwall, is now president of the Cornish Jaguar Drivers’ Club and says his collection attracts visitors from all over the world.

He said: ”Jaguars are quality cars. In my opinion they are the fastest and safest cars around and they just fit me.

”I’m only 5ft 3in tall and with other makes of cars I would have to sit on a cushion to see over the bonnet. But with Jaguars I can adjust the seat and see perfectly.

”I haven’t finished my collection just yet. I always keep an eye on what’s coming up for sale.

”People that know about my collection have nicknamed me Mr Jaguar and I get visitors from as far away as Australia and America coming to look.

”I’m not sure what the monetary value of the cars is because I have no intention of ever selling them – I just love them.”

Ken bought his first Jaguar – now known as a SS MK 4 – when he was just 19-years-old and has always owned one ever since.

He saved up £100 to buy the car, which he kept for 18 months before upgrading it for a vehicle of the same model but with a bigger engine.

His third Jaguar – a SS MK 5 bought in 1956 – he still owns to this day but is one of seven in his collection which he no longer drives.

Ken’s favourite vehicle is a 1958 XK150, with the registration number 3BRL, which he has owned for nearly 35 years.

He has now bought, renovated or sold around 80 Jaguars and is currently restoring an 1963 E-Type which so far has taken 25 years.

The father-of-one said: ”I fell in love with my first Jaguar as soon as I saw it.

”After buying it and driving it around for a while, I knew that for the rest of my life I would never drive anything else.

”I’ve never even thought of owning anything but a Jaguar. In my estimation it is the best car in the world.

”It’s the sportiness of the car that appeals and it was the first with disc brakes. I like to combine speed and safety.

”All my Jags are pre-1989, when the company was taken over by Ford. A modern Jaguar is still a lovely car but I’m a bit old fashioned.”
Ken Hall has owned over 80 Jaguars
Ken met his wife Hazel, 80, when he was a 17-year-old agricultural engineer.

Soon afterwards he starting his own agricultural machinery garage 30 years ago where he still works.

He said Hazel and his daughter Jacqueline, 48, also share his enthusiasm and both drive Jaguars as well.

He said: ”As the business grew, when I had a spare pound I would look for another Jaguar. Hazel loves to clean and polish the cars, she loves them just as much as me.

”Of the 18 I have now, 11 of them are ready for the road but Hazel will only drive the cars with power steering as the others are too heavy for her.”

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