Mourners attend cycling fan’s funeral in lycra

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Cycling fanatic Norman Keat was honoured at his funeral by mourners who turned up wearing – LYCRA.

Mourners attend cycling fan's funeral in lycra

Friends shunned traditional black and wore tight-fitting spandex at the request of his family.

The 72-year-old was a lifelong cyclist who was always happiest wearing his lycra cycling shorts and jacket.

Norman, of Corsham, Wilts., died earlier this month from a short illness after a heart operation.

Mourners attend cycling fan's funeral in lycra

His son Robert, 41, said: ”He had a hell of a lot of friends who were cyclists and that is often how he was seen, in his cycling gear.

”Cycling got him out of the house. He was miserable if he was ever sat still.

”He used to love getting out there and he would think nothing of riding his bike in the middle of winter, it wouldn’t matter to him.”

Mr Keat had been a member of Bath Cycling Club since 1980.

Mourners attend cycling fan's funeral in lycra

The father-of-three’s funeral was held at St Patrick’s Church, Corsham, Wiltshire, on Thursday (14/4).

He is survived by his wife Anne, along with his three children and seven grandchildren.

Anne said: “Cycling was a huge part of their lives and he has got my sons into it, too.”

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  1. Rob keat says:

    lovely article, great pictures, dad would have been chuffed to bits. Many, Many thanks. Rob Keat

  2. Ubu372 says:

    what a lovely send off, you must all be very proud.

  3. Major Richard Jones says:

    Was Mr. Keat the same gentleman who ran the Modeler’s Den in Bath?

  4. Rob keat says:

    Yes he certainly was

    • Dave-coward says:

      Sorry to hear about Norman’s death. I haven’t spoken to him in years, but when he was involved in slot racing at the Bath club I knew him well. He supplied slot racng parts for the Dowty club from the Cheltenham shop. I’d like to send condolences from all the Area 7 racers that remember him

  5. John Croft says:

    I was very sorry to hear about the death of Norman Keat, who was a really lovely bloke and always very kind to me in my youth when I spent hours and hours on Saturday mornings mulling over all the ‘goodies’ in his wonderful shop – and probably driving him bonkers in the process! He (and some others) also helped to get me and a few of my school chums into the ‘senior’ section of Bath Model Car Racing Club even though we were younger than the required age. I’m so sorry to hear about his death and I would wish to add my condolences to Anne and her Family.

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