Motorist’s miracle escape from 230mph crash

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A daredevil motorist had a miraculous escape after crashing his supercar – at 230mph.

Motorist's miracle escape from 230mph crash

Lucky Lane Culver, 36, was racing a highly-tuned Corvette Z06 on a Texan drag strip when he lost control of the car.

As the American supercar flipped in the air he lost the visor for his crash helmet.

So he braced himself, sat there and shut his eyes as the Hinson Motorsport-built Corvette eventually came to a standstill on the grass verge.

Amazingly Culver, who has been racing sports cars since he was a teenager, emerged from the wreck unscathed.

Motorist's miracle escape from 230mph crash

He was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution and promptly released after suffering NO injuries – although it was bad news for the Corvette.

The rear of the American car was near-on entirely destroyed, the windscreen obliterated and the roof ripped off.

Lane survived thanks to the meticulous safety practices that go into building racing cars which includes fitting a reinforced roll cage and ultra-tough safety harnesses.

Motorist's miracle escape from 230mph crash

The Corvette had been tuned to produce 1,700bhp – making it 20 times as power as the typical family hatchback.

And in an earlier run, Culver had managed to hit 224mph over a standing mile.

Brian Hinson, from Hinson Motorsports, said: ”Lane said the Corvette was making a clean and hard run when it suddenly took a hard right turn.

”It was so severe that there was no way to correct the car.

Motorist's miracle escape from 230mph crash

”It happened very quickly, but he said that he remembers not thinking it was all that bad of a crash!

”We are all thankful that he was not hurt in the accident.

”We have learned a lot from the accident, and we’re looking forward to building a safer and faster car for the next event.”


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