Motorist used angle grinder to cut wheel clamp

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A motorist used a metal angle grinder to cut a wheel clamp from his car before he swung the chain at the clamper and threatened to kill him, a court heard.

Kevin Wright, 45, used the grinder to free his white Peugeot 205 after he failed to display a ticket and the car was clamped on May 29.

But Exeter Magistrates Court heard former fundraising boss Wright then swung the chain at clamper John Young before attacking his van.

He allegedly produced a metal angle grinder and spent 10 minutes cutting the wheel clamp off before leaving it on the floor.

Video footage shown to the court appeared to show Wright cutting off the clamp in a shower of sparks.

Wright denies two charges of criminal damage and one of assaulting self-employed clamper John Young.

Mr Young told the court: ”I could then hear a grinding sound of metal being cut. This was being done by another man who was not one of the two I initially saw come over.

”I got a camera from my van and decided to get photographic evidence. The man turned around and threatened me and said he was going to brain damage me.

”I was then approached by Kevin Wright who attempted to justify why he had cut the clamp off.

”He was muttering something about being clamped before and swore at me saying he was going to kill me.”

Mr Young clamped the van at 11.30pm on a street in Exeter, Devon, and was approached by the two men at about 1am.

He told the court Wright (pictured, below) picked up a metal chain from the clamp and began swinging it towards him and then used it to strike his van.

Mr Young added: ”He walked off, away from the incident but then doubled back to where the chain was and picked it up and started walking towards me.

”He was gesturing with a whipping action. At first I could not believe what I was seeing, as I had never spoken one word to him before this accident.

”I thought he was going to give my chain back, but when he started whipping it. I realised it was not what I thought.

”He circled the van with chain and smashed it on the side of the van and then did the same to the other side.

”I thought I would be next. He was cold and calculated and I thought I was going to be hit with the chain.

”He moved towards me and I had to defend myself. He lifted his arm up and I got in first and kicked him in the stomach, pushed him to the ground and fled on foot.”

Wright denies causing £70 damage to a wheel clamp and £629 damage to Mr Young’s white Berlingo van as well as one charge of assault.

The trial was adjourned until August 12.


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  1. steve says:

    clampers are not reasonable people and dont or wont use discretion, I had an arguement witt a clamper some weeks ago as he clamped a woman who was sat in her car with the engine ticking over waiting for her friend to come out of her house. That clamper clamped my motorcycle which wasnt illegally parked, when i walked up to the clamper and asked him to remove the clamp he punched me in the face i was stunned he came to punch me again so i hit him in self defence. the police were called and i was arrested detained for 17 hours and i am currently on bail for assault despite at least half a dozen witnesses seeing the whole incident and trying to tell the police it was me who was assaulted.

  2. Dumville79 says:

    i side with the poor victim if you cant park your car at that time of night without it being clamped it’s a sad country we live in right now.If it had been peak time then yes clamping is ok.

  3. John says:

    It’s only matter of time before someone seriously injures and/or kills a wheel clamper; then perhaps justice will truly be served.

  4. IWantAllWheelClampersPubliclyExecuted says:

    Only a matter of time before a clamper clamps the wrong person, then we will see “BBC News: Wheel clamper shot dead”

  5. Anonymous says:

    My wife got clamped today. 8 months pregnant was stranded 2.5 hours drive away from home. At about 330pm I paid the fine they refused to remove it until the next day! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bill says:

    I hate clampers as well such a terrible job like car reposession, debt collectors and traffic wardons, anyone like that can go to hell, i feel sorry for the guy who got clamped, it’s a menace to all the drivers out there

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