Mother-of-two almost killed after gales tear off home’s skylight and it smashes onto her CAR

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A homeowner had a lucky escape when a powerful gust of wind blew a skylight window out of her roof – and sent it crashing down on her car.

The heavy 3ft x 2ft frame and glass flew over the house and landed on owner Katie Gregory’s car three floors below.

It caused around £1,000 damage to the wing and windscreen of her Citroen Picasso but luckily no-one was injured.

Katie Gregory below the skylight window which as blown out in high winds before crashing onto her car

Katie Gregory below the skylight window which as blown out in high winds before crashing onto her car

Katie, 33, had opened the roof window slightly to let some air into the attic bedroom of her terraced house in Dudley, West Mids.

The mum-of-two said: “I was in the back of the house when I heard screaming round the front.

“I could see glass absolutely everywhere and looked out and saw my car was damaged.

“I thought something had fallen off a lorry going past and then saw the window and realised it was my skylight.

“My children were due home at exactly the time it happened, but luckily they hadn’t got back and there was no-one else on the pavement at the time.

“If anyone had been underneath it would have killed them.

“I live directly opposite a primary school and thank God it happened at the weekend when the children weren’t around.”

Katie, a local council worker for the local council, said the window was already fitted in the roof when she moved into the house five years ago.

A surveyor sent by her insurers has decided the incident, on Sunday lunchtime, was ‘an act of God’ and not a manufacturing or fitting fault.

She has now fitted a camping groundsheet over the gaping hole in her roof and the insurers have told the window it might not be replaced until next week.

The wing of her ’08 registration car is taped up while she tries to find a replacement part and reduce the £1,000 repair bill.

The windscreen is also chipped and her house insurers have told her the car damage needs to be dealt with by her car insurers – but she has a £400 excess on that policy.

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