Mother duck lays her eggs at the top of a 12ft pole

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The RSPCA is preparing to rescue seven baby ducklings after their dozey mother made her nest in a flower box on top of a 12ft pole.

Mother duck lays her eggs at the top of a 12ft pole

The hapless duck, nicknamed Blossom, set up her home in a flower tub which is part of the Colchester in Bloom competition in Essex.

But because the box is on top of a 12ft pole and located on a busy high street her ducklings will be in danger of death when they hatch.

RSPCA officers are now watching the seven eggs and plan to rescue the ducklings as soon as they are ready to leave the nest.

Dave Harris, secretary of Colchester in Bloom, revealed they will only have 10 hours to save the ducklings after they hatch.

He said: ”Blossom is doing well but apparently we only have 10 hours from when the chicks hatch until the mother leads leaves the nest.

”We have to stop the ducklings from falling out of the nest and get them across the busy road to the pond.

”If we have to shut the road then we will do that and the RSPCA are going to help us with the operation.

”Blossom is the reason the flowers are not doing well on this pole but we feel that we can make way for mother duck to bring her babies into the world.”

It is believed that Blossom laid seven eggs in the flower box around two weeks ago and she has guarded her nest ever since.

The eggs are expected to hatch within the next fortnight.


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  1. Ha ha what a pretty picture that is.

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