Mother drops five dress sizes after having to cut off wedding ring because her fingers were so fat

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A mum has dropped an incredible five dress sizes in 18 months after she had to have her wedding ring cut off – as her fingers became too fat.

Determined Sarah Spencer, 52, was shamed into losing 4st 8lb when her ring finger went numb as it was too large for her wedding band.

She reduced her portion sizes, joined an exercise program and began attending 30-minute classes at least three times a week.

Sarah Spencer as a size 22

Sarah Spencer as a size 22

Sarah as a svelte size 12

Sarah as a svelte size 12

Mother-of-two Sarah has now slimmed from a size 22 to a 12 – and lost a total of 54 inches from all over her body.

The early years consultant, whose asthma was exacerbated by her huge bulk, used to tip the scales at 15.7 stone but is now a healthy 11 stone after losing 64 pounds.

She said: “My children are very proud of me and my husband is delighted. My parents and brothers were absolutely flabbergasted when they saw me after I lost the weight.

“I had done lots of different diets and nothing had really worked. My asthma was bad, I was miserable, and I felt terrible every time I looked in the mirror.”

Sarah started attended Curves gym in Tewkesbury in March 2011 after she had to have her wedding ring cut off because her finger was so swollen.

She does not have any fingers on her left hand so wears her wedding ring on her right hand and was devastated when that became too large.

Sarah in the trousers she once wore

Sarah in the trousers she once wore

Sarah in a fetching pink dress

Sarah in a fetching pink dress

Sarah, who works at Gloucestershire County Council, suffered horrific asthma before losing the weight but now rarely uses her reliever inhaler.

Her dedication to exercise was noticed by instructors at Sarah’s gym – and they nominated her for the Curves’ 2012 Curvette of the Year competition.

She was delighted to win the Midlands central region heat and has also been named a national runner-up.

Her prizes included a photo shoot in London and a shopping spree at Littlewoods clothes store.

Sarah added: “I couldn’t be happier with my new and improved shape. I feel so much healthier.

“I love shopping for my new size 12 figure and experimenting with the latest fashion trends.

“I’m now able to share clothes with my daughter, something I could have only dreamt of before joining Curves.”

Sarah added that she maintains her figure by attending Curves at least three times a week and eating reduced portions of her favourite foods.

Curves in a 30-minute circuit class which burns up to 500 calories per session with a mix of strength training, cardio and stretching specially for women.

Mirander Wassenaar, spokeswoman for Curves, said: “Sarah has done incredibly well in reaching the final stage of the Curvette of the Year 2012 and we are really pleased for her.

“Her story really embodies what the Curves woman is all about and proves that with determination and support, it really is possible to reach your healthy, weight-loss and fitness goals.”

Sarah added: “I would like to think that I have been an inspiration to anybody who wants to lose weight.”

“I’m an ordinary mum who has a busy work life, and I hope people read my story and think they can do it too.”

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