Morris dancer jigs 120 miles from London to Norwich

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A Morris dancing fanatic has followed in the footsteps of a 16th century Shakespearean actor – by performing jigs and reels for 120 miles from London to Norwich.

Morris dancer jigs 120 miles from London to Norwich

Tom Clare, 33, arrived in Norwich today after skipping 240,000 steps over eight days to raise money for charity and increase the profile of Morris dancing.

The pizza delivery driver was inspired to perform his challenge after reading about Shakespearean comic actor Will Kemp who made a similar journey in Spring 1600.

Bachelor Tom, from Brackley, Northants., revealed today he started Morris dancing four years ago and was immediately hooked on the bizarre ‘art’.

He said: ”When I started Morris dancing four years ago someone told me the story of Will Kemp, he did it in nine days but we have managed to knock off a day.

Morris dancer jigs 120 miles from London to Norwich

”It tickled me and I thought that was the crazy sort of thing I would do. It’s going really well. My feet are pretty sore but I’ve got no blisters.

”The support has been great, lots of people have been waving and beeping at us.”

Tom was welcomed by crowds of Morris dancing enthusiasts when he arrived in Norwich at around midday today.

He was accompanied on his journey by Jamie Pope, 28, a unicyclist dressed as a clown and Adam Bacon, 29, who dressed as a jedi.

Morris dancer jigs 120 miles from London to Norwich

Tom dance for eight days and had four rest days before arriving in Norwich and visited a host of community projects during his journey.

Tom added: ”We want to raise the profile of Morris dancing and of community gardens and community projects.

”Will Kemp was Shakespeare’s fool so the clown fitted with that and the Jedi was for moral support

”Unfortunately the Jedi has damaged his Achilles heel and has had to get the bus.”

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  1. Squirtlesdad says:

    good lad, big up the morris massive !!

  2. Capitan Fluffkins says:

    What an excellent beard! But bizzare “art”? Er, hardly. Morris dancing is hardly a fringe activity.

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