More than HALF of parents can’t wait for children to leave home

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Bad news kids … more than 50 per cent of parents admit they ‘can’t wait’ for their children to fly the nest, a survey revealed yesterday.

Researchers found many mums and dads are literally counting the days until they have the house to themselves once again.

Four in ten said they were ‘looking forward to the peace and quiet’ and a similar number are keen to reap the financial benefits of their child moving out.

The opportunity to turn the new spare room into an office or gym and take more holidays also adds to the appeal.

Around one in four of those who took part in the study went as far as to say they have already started planning their new lives.

The poll of 2,000 parents with children aged 16 and above living at home was carried out by Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten.

A spokeswoman said:  ”Children do tend to stay living at home for longer in this day and age.

”But this survey shows many parents of children who are nearing or already reached adulthood are putting their lives on hold until their children fly the nest.

”The research shows many parents do have big plans for the future, whether that’s downsizing, travelling or undergoing renovations.

”The financial strain of having adult children living at home can also take its toll and many parents feel like they have a new lease of life when they get the house to themselves.”

The report found 51 per cent of parents can’t wait for the children to move out, while two thirds felt that while grown-up kids still lived at home, they were ‘obliged’ to include them in their plans.

In fact, two thirds said they felt pressurised to include their kids on holidays, weekend breaks and days out.

The poll also found 47 per cent of mothers and fathers said they are really looking forward to spending time together as a couple again.

And 26 per cent said they are looking forward to bringing back some romance to their lives once they have the house to themselves.

But a sneaky 26 per cent of parents said they will give the impression they are devastated when their children move out, although they will secretly be elated.

Despite their eagerness to get rid – eight in ten parents believe the current housing market means adult children will be living at home for longer.

Not surprisingly then, 90 per cent said they feel sorry for today’s younger generation.

But an organised 25 per cent are already making plans for when they become child free.

Nearly half have researched a ‘once in a lifetime’ holidays, while around 37 per cent have already booked a cruise or holiday.

One in four have viewed perspective new homes and one in ten have been to look at a flashy new car.

Of those polled over a quarter said they had a bucket list they wanted to fulfil when the kids move out, with seeing the Northern Lights topping the list.

Runner-up was paying off the mortgage, followed by going on a cruise.

One in four said they were determined to see Las Vegas as soon as the kids moved out of the family home.

A spokesman for Hurtigruten added: “Planning a child free holiday is clearly a big priority for parents who wait years to tick off those bucket list trips.

”When they do go, they want to know that they are going to get the best experience possible.”


Peace and quiet
Financially better off
Less housework
Opportunity to go on long weekends
Convert the room
Chance to move house
Once in a lifetime holiday without the kids
Book a cruise
Ditch the family car and buy something smaller


Seeing the Northern Lights
Being mortgage free
Go on a cruise
Gambling in Vegas
Visiting Australia
Climbing the Eiffel Tower
Get to your optimum goal weight
Walking the Great Wall of China
Go on holiday alone
See the Seven Wonders of the World
Go on safari
See dolphins in the wild
Swim with dolphins
Watch a tennis match at Wimbledon
Ride in a hot air balloon
Write a book/novel
Ride an elephant
Start your own business
Climb a mountain, eg. Kilimanjaro
Go back-packing abroad
Learn to play a musical instrument
Go scuba diving
Husking sledging in Arctic
Run a marathon
Get a tattoo
Do a skydive
Go sailing
Watch a game at Wembley
Drive a Ferrari
Swim with sharks
Do a bungee jump
Perform on stage
Swim the channel

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