Former Monty Python soundman says he doesn’t find John Cleese funny

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The soundman who recorded Monty Python for two decades yesterday admitted he does NOT find John Cleese funny.

Philip Chubb travelled the world with the comedy legends pioneers and has heard their jokes more than anyone else.

He recorded the immortal “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy”  line during the Life of Brian.

And he saw every take of the much-quoted “Finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin mint” from The Meaning of Life.

But Philip, 67, has now finally admitted that he thought Cleese was “abrupt” and “not very funny”.

Philip says he once plucked up the courage to personally tell the Fawlty Towers star what he though but has never shared his shocking dislike with the world.

He said: “John Cleese said to me once about his humour and I said I found it embarrassing.

“I did not find his abrupt comedy very funny and he did not quite understand that.

“He is alright. He is quite a moody man and has been through quite a lot of ups and downs.”

Philip, of Wymondham, Norfolk, said he had a “love-hate” relationship with Cleese – based on the fact he regularly stole the lanky star’s preferred hotel room.

He added: “Cleese always thought he was tall and used to like a long bed in hotels – 7ft bed I think.

“I used to always get to the hotel quite early because if you got there early you would get the best bed.

“So on several occasions I would get there early and say ‘I will have the room with the long bed’, knowing it would be the best room in the hotel.

“Then Cleese would arrive and get very upset because I had got his room and wouldn’t move.

“The executives would have to come and see you and say ‘would you please move.’ He hated it when I nicked his hotel room.”

Philip travelled the world filming the Life of Brian and Monty Python and the Holy Grail films starring Michael Palin, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, and Graham Chapman.

He has made his revelation ahead of their sell-out reunion at London’s O2.

Philip also revealed a letter he has from Python Terry Jones, apologising for drunkenly skinny-dipping in front of Arab crowds in Tunisia after filming.

Jones’ note reads: “I have also managed to kick the habit of stripping and leaping into the water in front of an audience.”

Philip says the drunken misdemeanour was one of a string of pranks the stars and film crew played on each other while filming The Life of Brian.

They also hid chickens in each other’s beds and even smuggled a goat past hotel security to leave in someone’s room.

But despite his criticism the Python team had the last laugh as Philip was not convinced their films would be popular – and missed out by getting paid upfront.

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