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A tech-savvy student reckons he can become a millionaire and fund treatment for his chronically-ill mum – by raking in one million likes on FACEBOOK.

Jimmi Sandham, 25, is appealing for music lovers around the globe to spend a few seconds giving him a few clicks.

He is desperate to raise $1 million to fund treatment for mum Kera, 46, who suffers from Myalgic Encephalopathy, which causes debilitating fatigue and muscle pain.

Instead of asking for cash donations he has launched Million Dollar Music Box, a site which features 10,000 blank squares.

Jimmi hopes to flog each box for $100 apiece, to bands and music promoters wanting to reach a wider audience with their content.

If he gets enough takers the grid will quickly fill up, making it a great place for music lovers to discover their next favourite musician.

Once full, Jimmi will have made a staggering $1 million dollars – with every cent going towards helping his mum.

In order to drum up traffic to the website – and therefore entice advertisers – Jimmi needs kind-hearted internet users to like and share the MDMB Facebook page.

Music lover Jimmi, of Bude, Cornwall, said: “I have been trying to figure out how I can change my mum’s life for quite some time.

“I have been caring for her for many years and for the last five or more years she has spent 75 per cent of her time in bed.

“Making this money would be completely life-changing, so I realised I needed to think of something big.”

He said: “What I want to do is fill a million dollars’ worth of music promotion space on the homepage of my website.

“At the moment, the space is worthless because not enough people are looking at it.

“The way I want to gather more interest in it is asking for a million Facebook likes.”

He added: “A million sounds like a lot but there are three billion people with internet in the world and more than half of them have Facebook.

“It is an unlikely goal, but it is really actually quite possible.

“The more people that get behind it, the more people will sign up to see MDMB content.

“When they do see the content, it makes it a very good deal for musicians to sign up and get space on my homepage.

“Everyone wins, but I need help from people with social media to make a few clicks.”

As well as liking the page, Jimmi is asking supporters to follow the posts on his Facebook page and to click ‘see first’.

Each artist buying advertising space on MDMB will also have their tunes promoted on the social media site.

Jimmi, who has just finished a degree in English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Cardiff, said all the cash will go towards his mum’s care.

There is no universally-accepted cure for ME, but the money will help pay for a long-term carer to help Kera with day-to-day tasks – something only available privately.

It will also help fund the specialist medical care the former writer needs in order to cope with the under-researched illness.

Jimmi said: “I didn’t want to ask for donations. There are already so many good causes for people to donate to out there.

“I wanted to come up with something completely different that has never been done before.

“Hopefully it will make a huge change in my mum’s life.”

To help Jimmi, like the MDMB page on Facebook:

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