Mick Hucknall apologises to the 1,000 women he slept with in three-years

December 3, 2010 | by | 4 Comments

Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall has issued a heartfelt apology to the 1,000 women he slept with over an energetic three-year period.

Mick Hucknall apologises to the 1,000 women he had sex with

The 50-year-old lothario claims to have slept with the staggering number of ladies during the height of the band’s success at the end of the 1980s.

In an interview with The Guardian, Hucknall said: “I regret the philandering. In fact, can I issue a public apology? They know who they are and I’m truly sorry.”

The randy redhead, whose Manchester band Simply Red had hits including ‘Fairground’ and ‘If You Don’t Know Me by Now’, was well known on the scene for his womanising despite his less than conventional look.

Hucknall added: “A red-headed man is not generally considered to be a sexual icon, but when I had the fame, oh my God, it went crazy.

“Between 1985 and 1987, I would sleep with about three women a day, every day. I never said no. This was what I wanted from being a pop star. I was living the dream and my only regret is I hurt some really good girls.”

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  1. Anon says:

    Dear xxxxx,
    Please accept my sincere apologies for using my fame to fool you into bed. I realise that now my fame is dwindling and my true ugliness is now apparent you must be deeply trumatised.
    Yours, Mick
    p.s. My new number is xxxxxxxxxxx, call me anytime – I still have buckets of cash 😉

  2. they should apologize to him for being money/fame hungry whores

  3. #387 says:

    Dear Mick,

    I apologize for that double does of herpes and gonorrhea I gave you back in late 1985. I couldn’t get anyone else to have sex with me, but you seemed quite open to it, in spite of my visible open sores. You also didn’t seem to have a problem with my morbid obesity, for which I’m grateful. In fact I was pleased to see that obesity and open, draining sores were a theme among your many lady friends.

    I don’t really feel too bad about giving you the diseases, but I suppose I should feel some guilt for all the women you probably passed them on to after me. On the other hand, I suspect you would have encountered these, and other, diseases in many of your encounters. So I won’t beat myself up over it.



    • #463 says:

      Hey, I’m #463, and it took me THREE YEARS to rid myself of the various venereal diseases I got from my one session with Mick the Dick! If you gave those to him, you owe me $4,572.68 in medical bills. Please post your address so I can send you the bill. I tried sending it to Mick, but he’s broke now.

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